Lala Kent Claims Production Knew About The Convo She Had With Katie Maloney About Ariana Madix

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Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent, refuted Katie Maloney‘s claim the conversation they had about Ariana Madix going to star on Broadway while they were in the thick of opening a sandwich shop was not confidential. During an Amazon Live, Lala was asked her opinion of Katie’s response to part one of the season 11 VPR reunion.

Lala’s rebuttal:

“That was not a confidential conversation that she was talking about. These are statements she made to production and then flipped the script on everybody last minute.” The expectant mother continued, “There were confidential conversations between the two of us and I did not and will not say anything that [Katie] said or I said in those conversations.”

Lala doubled down, “That particular conversation that I brought up in last night’s reunion … production was involved in that conversation.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • It doesn’t matter if production was involved, once again, Lala is missing the point. She was still trying to set up Katie against Ariana on screen instead of respecting her wishes like a good friend not to.
  • I feel LaLa brought up the discussion only because she’s the one pushing everyone to be real. Katie didn’t want the discussion out there, from just watching what was said.
  • Lala has lost credibility as a reliable narrator
  • 🤔 yet she brought up a conversation they had between themselves at the reunion. Lala has lost the plot
  • She wants us to have a voice but limits her comments lol
  • Lala really thought she would have another hoodie with Nothing About Her! But fans want Nothing About Lauren!!!

In case you missed it:

Lala took her distain for Katie to social media. Ocean’s mom unfollowed the Something About Her co-owner on Instagram. During an interview on The Viall Files, Katie answered Nick’s question regarding the origin of the drama between her and Lala.

“I don’t know what’s happening there. To be honest, it feels like it’s a one-sided situation” from Lala. Katie continued, “Lala and I were really fine. I was at her house a couple weeks ago – back to back days – for her gender reveal and for Ocean’s birthday.” 

Lala clapped back on an Amazon Live stream, Katie is “suffering from amnesia … A LOT these days!” Mocking her frenemy, Lala continued, “I just can’t remember anything. What?!?!”

The outspoken Pump Rules personality continued, “I tend to forget when I feel stupid, too.”

What’s your opinion of the post-reunion beef between Lala and Katie?