Scheana Shay Comments On Leaving Vanderpump Rules For The Valley

scheana real friends the valley

Scheana Shay is ready to move from Vanderpump Rules to The Valley. During an episode of the Scheanigans podcast, the OG of VPR confessed her “real” friends can be found in another Bravo time slot.

“I would love to hang out with people in The Valley because these are my real friends,” declared the Good As Gold singer. Keep in mind, this is on the heels of the entire 11th season of Pump Rules where Scheana felt lost and frustrated trying to navigate her ‘friendships’ with Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval post-Scandoval.

During a confessional, Scheana revealed “I’m seeing that genuine side of [Sandoval] that I’ve loved for 15 years that has been a good friend to me. I’m hoping he’s changing and becoming better.” Meanwhile, if you are a person with working eyes and ears, it is evident that Tom has yet to change nor become better.

Ariana admitted on WWHL that she was in the dark regarding what her friend cast mate said behind her back. “During the time of filming, I definitely was not aware of a lot of the things that were being said behind my back. And I love Scheana dearly, but a lot of things that were said are very hurtful. Specifically, it’s hard to pinpoint something. It’s just kind of this general attitude towards me that I’ve been seeing that’s pretty hurtful.”

Bravo TV fans react to Scheana saying her real friends are on The Valley:

  • MORE best friends Sheena?
  • WHY, so they can ruin the valley. Her and lala aren’t needed. If they were going to do that they should have just brought Kristen, Jax & Brittany back to vpr
  • Lmao now that VPR is looking questionable, everyone on The Valley is her best friend.
  • Ariana was your real friend, until “Backup dancer” and you chose getting paid for a storyline of redemption over friendship.
  • Yeah but are they her BEST FRAAANDS?

Would you like to see Scheana join the cast of The Valley?