Brittany Cartwright Reveals The Valley Production Resumed After News Of Her Marital Issues With Jax Taylor Surfaced

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Brittany Cartwright announced that production resumed for The Valley after her marital issues with Jax Taylor were made public. 

“We did pick up cameras again, you know,” began Brittany.

“I think everybody should notice about our show is that we filmed The Valley in July, August, and September, so we wrapped in September.”

“So this has been like months and months and months ago.”

“We picked back up to let everybody know what’s going on with our lives now for a couple, you know, days,” elaborated the returning Bravo TV personality.

“So, I just want everybody to know, like, and keep that in mind with everything that’s going on in our lives that, you know, a lot has changed since we saw we wrapped the show, but we are still so excited” for The Valley to air.

Reactions to The Valley production picking up to film Brittany and Jax’s issues:

  • Hmmm…..trying to re-create Scandoval.
  • Sorry Brittany but we aren’t surprised by this news, it is Jax you married
  • Not giving up….y’all need to figure it out !!! I still believe y’all are meant for each other
  • This whole thing is so fake. Even the staged photos of Brittany outside…how stupid do they think we are
  • This totally PR, they can’t stand to live together for their child’s benefit but can record a weekly podcast?
  • Separations for ratings…groundbreaking.

In case you missed it:

Production for The Valley decided to resume after Brittany admitted that she and Jax were having marital problems and she moved out for her “mental health.”

Later that day, Jax called was randomly found by TMZ paparazzi and he denied there was any issue with Brittany.

Coincidently, the paps caught up with the Kentucky Muffin the next day who told them she hopes to have a “good co-parenting” relationship in the future, but she’s losing hope with her husband.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying to [make things better] much right now.

When asked about marriage counseling, Brittany revealed, “I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things and nothing has come from that.”

See Brittany dish on production for The Valley here:


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