Jax Taylor Angry About Backlash Over How He Is Handling His Marital Issues With Brittany Cartwright

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Angry Jax Taylor referred to Vanderpump Rules fans as clowns after they dragged him for trash on social media for how he’s handled his marital issues with Brittany Cartwright.

The upcoming star of The Valley angrily responded to Bravo fans who shared their thoughts on the reality tv personality’s marital situation.

“Everyone’s a fucking marriage counselor now…🤡,” wrote the VPR alum.

How dare reality tv fans comment on a reality tv star on social media! The ordacity audacity!!

Bravo TV fans react to an angry Jax calling people clowns:

  • no you just let your dad down ….. everything you said you wouldn’t do 🤡
  • After rewatching all episodes, that man just makes me cringe. He can’t breathe unless he is lying. He spreads rumors about his own wife?!? This knuckle dragged has zero redeeming qualities!!!
  • Doesn’t he comment on everyone else’s relationship
  • Jax being this angry and calling people clowns is such projection
  • That’s a fake message, too. I think he wants us to think he is upset. So dramatic…
  • Well the don’t go on TMZ talking about it
  • I have a theory Jax pressured her to get on ozempic, lots of body shaming rumors going around
  • Who’d he cheat with this time?

See Jax angrily refer to VPR fans as clowns here:


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In case you missed it:

Before Jax angrily referred to Bravo fans as clowns, it was rumored that he and Brittany had been living apart.

Brittany admitted that she and Jax were having marital problems and she moved out for her “mental health.” Later that day, Jax called was randomly found by TMZ paparazzi who he denied there was any issue with Brittany.

Coincidently, TMZ caught up with the Kentucky Muffin the next day. Brittany hopes to have a “good co-parenting” relationship in the future.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying to [make things better] much right now.

When asked about marriage counseling, Brittany revealed, “I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things and nothing has come from that.”

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