Fans Support Ariana Madix And Daniel Wai’s Relationship After Lala Kent’s Insults

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Vanderpump Rules fans defended Ariana Madix‘s boyfriend, Daniel Wai, after Lala Kent insinuated something was wrong with him.

In case you missed it:

During a confessional on the VPR11 penultimate episode, Lala popped off on Ariana’s personal trainer/bartender boyfriend.

“My first impression of Dan? Let me put it this way, you can tell me he’s a great guy all the livelong day. I think it is fucking weird that any dude would be like, ‘She’s The One. Just left her dude of 10 fucking years and they still live together.’ Ocean’s mom, who is expecting her second child, concluded, “I am sorry but something seems off. Right?”

Based on the response on social media, Lala’s commentary didn’t hit like she anticipated.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Big Dan fan 👏🏼 Level headed but stands by his girl. Also respects boundaries the way the Worm clearly can’t.
  • He’s making Tom irrelevant
  • You all think this is a good thing that he said?? Saying “he hasn’t done anything to me” is showing that he considers them to be separate, when he should be considering them as a unit if he really loves her. He should have said simply “I will be civil for Ariana’s sake because she doesn’t need any more drama”. Ariana should keep her guard up. I’m worried for her.
  • Love Dan!! He stands by Ariana and definitely puts her first!! He’s not looking for trouble with Sandoval but like he said….he also knows what he’s done and he not tolerate disrespect to his girl!!! Are there more Dans out there?! So happy for Ariana ❤️🙌
  • I think people need to remember Ariana knows how outside romance interests are treated when they show up so she has prob warned him not to let them get a rise out of him and react in a way that will be used against her. Imagine if he came in saying “I’m want to punch him in the face” Scheana [Shay] and Lala [Kent] would be screaming about how violent and terrible he is


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What do you think about Lala’s commentary of Ariana’s boyfriend, Dan?