Here’s Ariana Madix’s Full Legal Declaration Stating She Did Not Spread Rachel Leviss’s Masturbation Video

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Vanderpump Rules‘s resident baddie, Ariana Madix, isn’t letting the lawsuit Rachel Leviss filed against her (for allegedly spreading the video Tom Sandoval recorded of her masturbating without her consent) proceed without a fight.

The reality-tv-star-turned-Broadway-actress’s rebuttal against the former beauty pageant contestant confirms what Ariana stated since she saw the now-infamous video … she didn’t show/spread the video to anyone except for Tom and Rachel.

Not only did Ariana ask the court to drop the case against her, she requested Rachel reward her legal fees.

The official document:

“I, Ariana Madix, declare:

  1. I am the defendant in this action. I make this declaration and support of the special motion to strike pursuant to code of civil procedure section 425.16 filed concurrently herewith. I have personal knowledge of the matters stated herin, except we stated on information and believe, and if called as a witness, I would and could competently testify thereto.
  2. As of March 1, 2023, I had been in a committed relationship with defendant Tom Sandoval for over nine years.
  3. 3. During the evening of March 1, 2003, I went to a club in West Hollywood, TomTom, to see Mr. Sandoval’s band play.
  4. While playing, Mr. Sandoval’s phone fell from his pocket in a mutual friend, handed it to me.
  5. Because we had been in a committed relationship for so long, and because we trusted one another and presumably did not keep secrets from one another. I knew many of Mr. Sandoval’s passcodes, including the one for his phone. I had previously accessed Mr. Sandoval’s phone on other occasions with his knowledge and consent.
  6. For reasons, I still do not know, call it a woman’s intuition, when the set ended, I felt the need to check Mr. Sandoval’s phone and went to the women’s room for privacy.
  7. In a locked stall, I accessed Mr. Sandoval’s phone and saw text conversations between Mr. Sandoval and Plaintiff that appeared in complete because portions of them had been deleted, which made me suspicious.
  8. Well, other women waited to use the toilet, I opened the photo app on Mr. Sandoval’s phone and was shocked to find a video of a FaceTime call between Mr. Sandoval and Plaintiff that showed Mr. Sandoval’s face in the upper corner while the main image was of Plaintiff masturbating. I took out my own phone and made two recordings of the FaceTime video. Prior to that moment, I had considered Plaintiff a friend and did not know that she missed Sandoval. We’re having an affair.
  9. I left the bathroom and walked up to Mr. Sandoval, who asked if I wanted to go into the alley for a cigarette.
  10. In the alley, I confronted Mr. Sandoval about his affair with Plaintiff.
  11. Concerned that people might overhear us, Mr. Sandoval tried to move me away from the club.
  12. Around the same time, I sent the videos I recorded to plaintiff along with a text message reading, ‘you’re dead to me.’ A true and correct copy of a screenshot that message is attached here to as Exhibit 1.
  13. I did not send the videos to anyone else. Nor did I share, display, or show the videos to anyone else. To be clear, I only saw the video of Plaintiff masturbating in places, secluded from others – i.e., alone in the bathroom stall and in the alley with Mr. Sandoval.
  14. He did argument and sued between me, and Mr. Sandoval, Mr. Sandoval forcibly grabbed my phone from my hands, causing my credit cards and drivers license to fall to the pavement.
  15. I quickly grabbed my cards off the pavement, and chased Mr. Sandoval, who had further distanced himself from the club.
  16. By the time I caught up to him, Mr. Sandoval had deleted from my phone the videos I had recorded of the FaceTime video.
  17. Mr. Sandoval also deleted the videos from the ‘recently deleted’ folder on my phone.
  18. Minutes later, I texted one of my friends, Logan Cochran, about what had happened, stating, ‘I called her [Plaintiff] after finding out and texting her, the videos of herself from Tom’s phone that I took. Tom took my phone and deleted them [.] chased him all the way down San Vicente [.]’ True and correct copies of screenshots I took of those messages are attached here to as Exhibit 2.
  19. After learning about the affair, I began informing my family and other close friends about Plaintiff’s affair with Mr. Sandoval, including how [I] learned about it by discovering the texts and the FaceTime video and Mr. Sandoval’s phone.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the four going is true and correct. Executed on April 26, 2024, at Los Angeles, California.”

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Do you think this statement and the evidence Ariana provided to the court will be enough to get the case against her dropped?