Israel Issac Claims He Gave Ariana Madix Tom Sandoval’s Phone The Night She Learned Of Scandoval

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Israel Isaac put the Scandoval rumor to rest that Ariana Madix knew of her then-life partner, Tom Sandoval‘s six-month-long affair with her ‘close friend,’ Rachel Leviss before she saw the video of the former beauty pageant contestant flicking her bean on Tom’s phone.

Israel, who works at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurants and is friends with the VPR cast, dropped the truth from the night that propelled Vanderpump Rules to mainstream media to his Instagram story. “I keep on seeing theories flying around about the night that changed everyone’s friendships – the tragic scandal.”

“I wanted everyone to know the truth” of how Ariana got the phone and learned of Scandoval. That night, I gave Ariana Tom’s phone. There’s a bunch of theories that are running around, but I say this for two reasons. One, the people that don’t like me or have something against me for whatever reason, get healed. But, secondly, those that came out with podcasts and were selling merch that benefited from all of this, you’re sick. But, also, you’re welcome.”

Bravo TV fans react to how Ariana saw Tom’s phone and learned of Scandoval:

  • He’s coming out to dispel the rumors that Rachel’s publicist put out last week on her podcast that it was planned for Ariana to find out about it. He’s saying that, no, that is not the case.
  • Even though he is Rachel’s friend, it actually happened the way we all originally heard it happened
  • Rachel & her team are trying to make it seem like Ariana knew months prior. HES proving them wrong. He gave her the phone.
  • I think he’s just clearing things up. I don’t think he knew anything and just gave Ariana the phone.
  • he’s saying this to defend Ariana and dispell the rumors that have gained fuel recently due to a member of someone’s team recently going on a podcast and fueling the rumors that Ariana lied about the phone falling out of his pocket, and it being handed to her.
  • The most irrelevant psa ever lol


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Do you believe the Scandoval origin story that Isaac picked up Tom’s dropped phone and passed it off to Ariana?