Amanda Batula Says Kyle Cooke “Never Gave the Option” to Contribute Financially in their Marriage

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Amanda Batula is giving Summer House fans a taste of her marriage with Kyle Cooke.

While on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Amanda chatted with host Amanda Hirsch about her and Kyle’s recent issues that are currently playing out this season.


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“I went into the summer saying, ‘I’m in my no patience era,’” the Summer House star said.

So far, season 8 is spotlighting Batula and Cooke’s desire to start a family, and where to start it. With Batula wanting to settle down in the suburbs, and Cooke not ready to say goodbye to the city life, the couple are at odds over whether they are ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

“He complains about things that are easy fixes.”

Cooke maintains that Batula isn’t ready for children, despite her vocally expressing she is. “There’s no perfect time to have kids.”

“He just feels like I’m lazy. He feels like I don’t do enough or don’t work hard enough, or a lot of stuff falls on him.”

The Lover Boy graphic designer feels that her husband places the blame on her to avoid making a change, which she feels, he’s “afraid of.”

“I also do my fair share of things and that doesn’t get taken into consideration,” Batula said.  “He pays the bills. He never gave me the option to help contribute or pay for the bills.”

“I’m the one making all the vet appointments, dealing with stuff with the dogs.”

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Do you think Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke will start planning to have kids anytime soon?