Tom Sandoval Called Rachel Leviss “Selfish” For Getting Mental Health Treatment

Sandoval rachel selfish

Rachel Leviss revealed that Tom Sandoval called her “selfish” for seeking trauma therapy post-Scandoval, their illicit affair behind Ariana Madix‘s back.

During an episode of Rachel Goes Rogue, the former Vanderpump Rules star explained how she felt emotionally disconnected and disrespected with Sandoval while she sought intense mental health care.

“It’s so clear to me now, but that then, like, when I was in communication with him but trying to distance myself and not call him from the Meadows. And this is a landline conversation, by the way. We have scheduled phone times in this inpatient trauma therapy center.”

Sandoval snapped and called Rachel selfish:

The former VPR personality continued, “If I didn’t reach out to him one day or two days, he would be upset by it and, um, really kind of take out his frustration on me.”

“Like, the amount of times that Tom called me ‘selfish’ while I was in the Meadows and that I’m running away from my problems and I’m dependent on this place and basically that it’s an assisted living facility, um, you know, really guilt tripping me and saying that I left him to deal with all the fodder and I’m just running away.”

We are never ever getting back together:

“You know, that just reveals the type of person that he is,” elaborated the former beauty pageant contestant.

“Knowing how important mental health has become in my life, how much of a priority that is to me there is no question that Tom and I will never ever be friends again.”

Bravo TV fans react to Sandoval calling Rachel selfish:

  • But she was just fine watching Tom treat Ariana the same way 😂
  • She’s now seeing the side of Tom that Ariana’s dealt with for years. So this guy you foolishly idolized is really just a turd with nail polish? 
  • I mean look she was wrong for having the affair 10000% but listening to this, i feel bad for her a little and definitely Ariana because clearly this guy is controlling and an insane gaslighter
  • I 1000% believe her!
  • Sandoval sucks for telling Rachel she is selfish (and many other things)
  • If you’ve never fell victim to a narcissist you probably won’t understand.. I was married to one for way to long and it affected me emotionally and physically until I broke free and it’s like a dark cloud is lifted you didn’t really know was there.. I feel for her.

See for yourself:

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