Rachel Leviss Claims VPR Production Didn’t Air The Footage Of Her Confronting Tom Sandoval About Recording Explicit Content Without Her Consent

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Rachel Leviss didn’t trust the Vanderpump Rules production team to tell the truth about what happened with Tom Sandoval and the video of her masturbating he recorded without her consent.

During an episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the former Pump Rules personality explained, “I would’ve had the opportunity to share my side [of Scandoval] and, yes, they would have covered it. But, there’s no guarantee that they would have aired it. I think the big reason why I knew that would be a risk that I wasn’t willing to take is because of what happened in the past with a story that was reality never that never made it to air.”

She continued, “What I’m talking about, specifically, is when Tom came to my apartment in the additional episode that was on season 10. I confronted him about filming me without me knowing and which was a very real situation. They captured his reaction. It was so hands off at that point. It’s like, OK. You have this footage and you say that you’re capturing reality. This part is like a juicy little piece of the puzzle and they chose not to air that and protect him even though it would have been congruent with the storyline of me realizing that I shouldn’t protect Tom anymore. Hence, the last five minutes of season 10.”

“So, in that way, I felt betrayed” by production. However, their omission “gave me a data point that even if I am sharing the full truth, they have the power to cut and manipulate to support certain cast members in the storyline that they want to support.”

Bravo TV fans react to Rachel blaming the edit:

  • And you know as a producer LVP has a lot of say over editing & she’ll always protect her Tom Tom’s 😑
  • She is giving me MAJOR Jax Taylor lying vibes
  • Rachel Goes Rogue podcast is a healing journey that is for everyone ever gone through a relationship/friendship/any situational area w a narcissist.
  • Her credibility is about as good as Tom‘s
  • So have her attorneys subpoenaed footage? If not, I question if this occurred. Because if it exists, where is it? I don’t care what happens against Tom, still not ok with her suing Ariana [Madix].
  • That was probably cut for legal reasons. And/or to protect her! I’m sure producers would’ve loved to are that clip! Someone find it!

What do you think about Rachel’s claim that she chose not to return for season 11 of VPR due to the edit?