Rachel Leviss Claims She Had To File A Lawsuit Against Ariana Madix If She Filed One Against Tom Sandoval

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Rachel Leviss claims she had to seek legal action against Ariana Madix if she filed a lawsuit against Tom Sandoval, her partner in Scandoval. The former Vanderpump Rules personality took to the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast to share her reasoning.

ICYMI, Rachel [formerly Raquel] filed a lawsuit against Tom for recording her masturbating without her consent and Ariana for allegedly distributing the video … which Ariana debunked.

Rachel on the lawsuits against Tom and Ariana:

Rachel responded to a listener who stated, “I was riding hard for you until you decided to sue the person you victimized.”

The former beauty pageant contestant began, “Choosing to take legal action was not something that I chose lightly. I really had to weigh all the pros and cons and one of the cons was [the] public’s reaction to it. I saw this coming. That’s just something that I had to debate.” I realized “that if I want to seek legal action against Tom, then I also have to seek legal action against Ariana.”

Morally wrong VS legally wrong:

Rachel believes filing a lawsuit against both Tom and Ariana puts them on a fair playing field. “What I did was not morally right, but recording and distributing the video is also not right. They are two separate instances. One is illegal, so that’s hard.”

“It’s hard because I do feel guilty. I feel guilty for potentially causing more pain than I’ve already caused somebody. But, I take a look at what I’ve been through – and I’ve been through a lot – and I just don’t think it’s right, or fair, or just if we’re all out here trying to keep each other accountable, then I guess I’m doing the same.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • NO ONE SAW THE VIDEO RACHEL stop the lawsuit against Ariana
  • Ariana should sue you. You were the problem. Girl bye.
  • “I do feel guilty 😄 I feel guilty, but” 🫡
  • She sent the video to you I wouldn’t consider that distributing the video, not a Pamela Anderson situation here
  • I hope that Ariana counters for lawyers fees.
  • “I’ve been through a lot” that you caused?
  • No you didn’t “have to” you chose to just like you chose to disrespect her home by having sex with her partner then go on and on for almost a year invading her personal space by pretending to be her friend.

Do you think Rachel’s explanation of the lawsuits against Ariana and Sandoval helps her case?