Lala Kent Told Brittany Cartwright To “Leave” Jax Taylor

lala brittany leave jax

Lala Kent thinks Brittany Cartwright should “leave” Jax Taylor.

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, the Vanderpump Rules star shared some inside information into Brittany and Jax’s troubled marriage.

Lala began, Brittany is “one of my dearest friends, so I knew things were not great” with her and Jax.

Lala told Brittany, “I support you, but I always say, LEAVE HIM!”

Would Brittany leave Jax to create drama for their new show?

Andy Cohen asked Lala if there is truth to the rumor that Brittany and Jax’s marital drama is a ploy to gain interest in their spinoff show, The Valley.

“They don’t need any help with promo,” joked Lala. “They’re all a hot mess.”

The cast doesn’t “need separations.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • If Brittany would leave Jax she and Cruz would thrive
  • If they didn’t have a kid. I could see it but if this is fake for a show with their kid. That would be beyond messed yo
  • Still don’t buy their separation is legit. It’s a total PR stunt.
  • I like their cute lil family & I hope they can work things out. ❤

Watch Lala say Brittany should leave Jax:


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Did Brittany already leave Jax?

Brittany confirmed she already left Jax to live in a different home to protect her “mental health.”

Later that day, Jax called the was seen by paparazzi and denied Brittany’s claim.

Fast forward to the next morning when paparazzi conveniently caught up with Brittany to give her the opportunity to issue a rebuttal against Jax’s lies.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying to [make things better] much right now. I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things [including marriage counseling] and nothing has come from that.”

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