Fans Find More Evidence Of Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Living In Seperate Houses

jax brittany split

Do Jax and Brittany still live in the same house?

The upcoming stars of The ValleyJax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright,have been rumored to have been living apart.

Instagram super sleuth @CouchBoundRealityTV discovered that the social media content the former Vanderpump Rules stars posted this weekend was recorded in two different homes.

More evidence that Brittany and Jax don’t live in the same house:

“Yesterday morning on Jax’s story, he was ‘getting fueled for a long day of fun with mom and dad’ with Cruz in their backyard,” wrote @CouchBoundRealityTV.

“A quick look over at Brittany’s story shows her about to watch some Netflix.”

“If you look at the pools – they are in 2 different locations.”

“Also this am, Brittany posted a pic of her in the other house on her way to church!”

See for yourself:

In case you missed Jax and Brittany’s house drama:

Fans have speculated Jax and Brittany from the upcoming show, The Valley, have split up.

Reddit user @BlockedByJax asked the question on many Vanderpump Rules fans minds – Are Jax and Brittany still together?

The thread began, “It’s been sometime now that we’ve noticed them not living together (Since Jax went on that bender with the Toms).”

Additionally, “Brittany’s been living in a random house and they no longer post [on social media] together” which also leads fans to think she and Jax have split up.

“At first I was thought that this was a ploy to get people to watch their new Valley show. But I’m not so convinced.”

Jax on whether he and Brittany live in the same house:

The returning Bravo personality responded to a follower who inquired about his rumored breakup with Brittany. “Why would you say that? I can’t take a trip without my wife for work…🙄.”

Another follower inquired about the ruuuuumuuurss and nastiness around an alleged ‘Vegas fiasco‘ where the upcoming star of The Valley potentially cheated on his wife – which VPR fans have seen before.

Jax clapped back at allegations he and Brittany don’t live in the same home. “Wow…. after everything that happened… seriously.”

Do you think Brittany wants Jax to ‘Rawt in Hail’ or is this to hype The Valley? Drop your opinion below.

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