Kristen Doute Claimed She Had To Get “Messy” To Make The Valley A Success

kristen doute the valley messy racist

Kristen Doute admitted to getting “messy” to make The Valley successful.

The terminated Vanderpump Rules who stars in a spinoff show by the same network took to social media to share her motivation for repeating that Michelle Lally is “racist and a Republican” … which was “a whole new low even for Kristen,” according to her friend, Janet Caperna.

Social media blew up after Kristen was messy on The Valley:

Instagram creator reposted a series of tweets about Kristen being messy on The Valley … including her allegations that Michelle and Jesse Lally being racist Republicans.

“So, here’s my thought about Michelle being called a racist. Kristen is emotional, erratic, and immature. BUT, every time she’s tried to bring something scandalous to the light in the past, despite her methods, she was always telling the truth.

“OF COURSE she did it in the messiest way possible, but I am actually not mad at Kristen for bringing to light assassinate who supports ‘Don’t Say Gay’ … I just like to have this info 👀🤔”

An additional tweet about Kristen being messy on the Valley pondered, “I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Kristen would bring this up KNOWING it will drugged up the reason she was fired from the network in the first place. What the hell was she thinking?”

“Michelle’s husband [Jesse Lally] is – dare I say – worse than Jax [Taylor].”

Kristen’s response:

Kristen slid into the comment section of‘s comment section to admit to self-producing for the sake of The Valley.

“If I gave ‘non-messy’ truth to this show it wouldn’t air,” confessed Kristen. “Trust me, I did try.”

Bravo TV fans react to Kristen admitting to being messy on The Valley:

  • Is the bag worth more than the friendship? Not to switch topics but it’s a great question to ask Lala. 🤔
  • Why are we surprised Kristen is being messy on The Valley?
  • The queen knows what she’s doing 👏
  • It’s all about the show for Kristen. Good Luck with that 🤪🤣
  • I mean, she is desperate for money. I’m not mad at her. 🙄
  • 🙌I love watching Kristen. She’s a blast and always picked on
  • I don’t exactly have Doute on my NOT A Liar list.
  • I believe her and I thank her for bringing it for good tv… that’s her job!


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Never forget:

Before Kristen was messy on The Valley regarding race relations, she was fired from Pump Rules for racial profiling. “Bravo and Evolution Media confirmed that Kristen Doute will not be returning to Vanderpump Rules” after Kristen falsely reported her then-VPR co-star, Faith Stowers (a black woman), to the police for a crime she’d had nothing to do with.

Additionally, Fuse Literary, Kristen’s former book agency, also cut ties with her it was discovered she reported an innocent Faith to the police.

What’s your opinion of Kristen intentionally being messy while filming The Valley?