Ariana Madix Says Tom Sandoval Never Attempted To Apologize Unless Cameras Were Rolling

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Ariana Madix slammed Tom Sandoval for only attempting to apologize for cheating on her (for six months with her ‘close friend’) on camera. During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules after show, the booked and busy Broadway-bound beauty gave Bravoholics insight on Tom’s lack of motivation to take accountability unless there was an audience.

Sandoval’s intent exposed:

“There’s only one person who would benefit from anything that could have happened in that moment and that’s [Tom],” began the Single AF Cocktails author. Being that this is likely the last few moments of filming for season 11 and there’s not been one mention of anything the entire summer that sounded anywhere near what is remorse, or kindness, or anything coming in my direction from him. He knows this is the last moment he’ll have to redeem himself with the audience. Him crying and me looking like a bitch, I’m not here to facilitate that.”

“After the San Francisco trip, I came back to the house and I went in the kitchen to get mail. It’s rare that we cross paths at all in the house, but at that point in time, he was laying on the sofa by the kitchen and apparently he didn’t need to say anything that bad because he could have right then. He could have written a letter and left it on the counter. He clearly knows how to email me nonsensical letters of intent, so he [could have emailed].”

“There’s so many different ways to say something that is som important to be said, but no. It needed to be, for him, said on camera. It needed to be in the zeitgeist or in the collective conscience of people watching the show. It actually had nothing to do with me.

Bravo TV fans react to Ariana’s take on Sandoval’s apology:

  • I agree that Tom’s ‘apology’ was performative. Anyone with a brain can see through his nonsense
    Don’t look back, Ariana. you’re too good for this group
  • Will ariana ever stop complaining
  • so, sandoval could write all those letters to rachel in rehab, but couldn’t write I’m sorry to the woman he cheated on after almost a decade long relationship? Boy, bye.

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Do you agree with Ariana that Sandoval’s apology was performative?