Tom Sandoval, Victoria Lee Robinson, And Billie Lee: Find Out Who Has Unfollowed Who

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Tom Sandoval, Victoria Lee Robinson, and Billie Lee, have all passively aggressively taken their drama to social media. The Vanderpump Rules villain, his girlfriend, and his close friend are either 1) going through something messy right now, or 2) drumming up drama ahead of the VPR season 11 reunion. You be the judge.

The Unfollowing:

Hey Siri. Play 'So High School' by Taylor Swift.

Ok. Tom unfollowed Victoria.

Victoria unfollowed Sandoval, but still follows Tom Schwartz.

Billie Lee unfollowed Sandoval and Victoria; however, both Tom and Billie Lee still follow Victoria. Please note that @VanderpodRecaps noted a follower noticed Billie Lee unfollowed Tom weeks ago.

*UPDATE 5/7/2023 @2:45

Sandoval and Victoria are following one another again. 

Bravo TV fans react:

  • They better talk about it on WWHL tonight! 😮‍💨⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • Funny VP rules announces they aren’t filming and then it suddenly appears Victoria and Sandoval are no longer together… 😆
  • What is going on 😂😂 hahaha. We are all so silly. I love it
  • Wonder if Tom thinks that’s enough to pick cameras back up???? 🤣
  • Does this mean we won’t see Billie Lee on TV again? Fingers crossed 🤞
  • I’m told Sandoval team do this for public attention. Hes always trying to raise his profile in the show but seems to fall flat on his face 😂


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In case you missed it:

In May of 2023, Scheana Shay spilled on the Scheananigans podcast that she ‘absolutely‘ believes Sandoval and Billie Lee have hooked up.

For context, Scheana asked Tom if had been unfaithful to his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, prior to boning her ‘close friend,’ Rachel Leviss. Sandoval admitted, “There was one other time,” he cheated before Scheana jumped in to inquire if it was, “Just a random person?” His answer was vague, however, telling. “Yeah. Well, no. It’s not fair. I’m not going into it” the disgraced Schwartz & Sandy’s owner babbled to Scheana months after news of Scandoval dropped.

What’s your take on the unfollowings between Victoria, Billie Lee, and Sandoval?