Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram

jax taylor brittany cartwright unfollowed instagram

Brittany Cartwright and her estranged husband Jax Taylor unfollowed one another on Instagram amid their marital problems and physical separation.

Evidence of Jax and Brittany unfollowing each other:

The Valley stars have taken their disdain for one another by making a major statement on social media while Jax is on an excursion with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval in Canada.

Although the former Vanderpump Rules personalities are living apart for the sake of Brittany’s mental health, Cruz’s parents are even less connected as they won’t see each other’s daily social feeds.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Rawt in Canada
  • Team Brittany 💯👏🫶
  • I said when the picture of Jax and the publicist was posted that they look way too close
  • Jax and Brittany’s relationship always felt off
  • Omg, no, the very thing ppl warned her about, the lying and cheating she overlooked?? Best thing is admit you were the dummy, you just thought y’alls relationship was different.

In case you missed it:

Comedian Tammy Pescatelli confirmed the rumor of Jax body shaming his wife/the mother of his son. “It’s true.” Tammy took to social media to share the claim she was told about Jax body shaming his wife. “I heard [Jax] told her he’s not attracted to [Brittany] anymore because she gained weight.”

Meanwhile, Brittany confided in her fellow cast member, Janet Caperna, that she didn’t feel Jax was still attracted to her, adding, “We don’t have sex ever.” Not only did the dry spell contribute to fractures in the marriage, but when Brittany expressed the desire to have a second child … Jax called the thought “worrisome.”

Jax even ‘liked’ a comment agreeing he should have married Stassi Schroeder instead of Brittany.

What do you think about Brittany and Jax unfollowing each other on Instagram?