Did Jax Taylor Admit To Not Being Attracted To Brittany Cartwright Because She Gained Weight?

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Did Jax admit to not being attracted to Brittany because she gained weight?

Body shaming:

It is rumored that former Vanderpump Rules star, Jax Taylor, gave insight into one of the issues he is currently enduring with his wife, Brittany Cartwright.

Comedian Tammy Pescatelli confirmed the rumor regarding the stars of the upcoming show, The Valley. “It’s true.”

Tammy took to social media to share the claim she was told about Jax body shaming his wife.

“I heard [Jax] told her he’s not attracted to [Brittany] anymore because she gained weight.”

Bravo TV fans react to Jax potentially shaming Brittany’s weight:

  • Like ariana says: “just like a man” 💅 but seriously as soon as he started changing his tune on tom it was clear he was cheatin
  • Yes. He has said vile things in the past… he never seems permanently reformed.
  • She knew what she was getting into marrying a vein a hole… she’ll be alright…
  • I mean that tracks🥴
  • Now be seems to remember the conversation James had with Sandoval regarding Brittany’s body vs Ariana’s. It was vile. I believe it was the season before he proposed. Sadly I always felt that Jax felt stuck with Brittany.

See the claim of Jax shaming Brittany’s weight gain here:


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In case you missed it:

Jax being bothered by Brittany gaining weight is one of the pieces of the puzzle as to why the couple is living apart.

Brittany confirmed she and Jax are living in different homes to protect her “mental health.”

Later that day, Jax called the was seen by paparazzi to deny Brittany’s claim.

THE LIES! *I hope you read that in Kandi Burruss’ voice.*

Fast forward to the next morning when paparazzi conveniently caught up with Brittany to give her the opportunity to issue a rebuttal against Jax’s lies.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying to [make things better] much right now,” admitted the former Pump Rules personality.

“I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things [including marriage counseling] and nothing has come from that, you know, hopefully.”

Brittany reminded the paps “We’ve been together for nine years now, so, yeah” I’m remaining hopeful.

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