Tom Schwartz Debuts New Butt Tattoo

schwartz tattoo

Tom Schwartz has a new tattoo!

The Vanderpump Rules star took to social media to debut his new ink … a piece of steak that can be found on the former bartender’s butt.

Schwartz’s steak tattoo:

Tom donned a tan t-shirt, black sweatpants, and a monogrammed robe which were pushed aside to reveal the cut of cow permanently inked into the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner’s ass.

The questions living rent-free in many members of the VanderVerse‘s minds is … Is this a new tattoo? Did Schwartz cover his “bubba” tattoo he got to honor his ex-wife, Katie Maloney? Did Tom cover the Lisa Vanderpump tat he got after losing a bet?!

Bravo TV fans react to Schwartz’s new tattoo:

  • Is this an homage to the butt steaks he served Tom and Jax?
  • “Hey world did y’all know I’m a 40+ year old man child” 😂😂
  • Mmm milksteak 🥩
  • Omg the steak
  • I had forgotten about the ass steak the guys ate 🫠
  • He’s still 15
  • Did he cover lvp?
  • So he covered up the Bubba tattoo……
  • These people are in their 40s… embarrassing
  • It’s a steak… aka beef on his cake. So beefcake?

See Schwartz’s tattoo for yourself:

In case you missed it:

Schwartz’s steak tattoo isn’t the first drastic change to Schwartz’s appearance since the news of Scandoval rocked his world a year ago.

Never forget Schwartz’s blonde hair era.

The VPR personality admitted to having a mid-life crisis and taking it out on his hair when transitioned from his natural, mahogany locks to a look inspired by Ryan Gosling‘s ‘Ken.’

Although Schwartz was content with his updated appearance, LVP – like most of us – wasn’t a fan of Tom’s bleach-blonde hair … she even offered to shave it off for the Stars On Mars castaway.

Drop your thoughts about Schwartz’s steak tattoo in the comments.