Stassi Schroeder Sets Record Straight On Blind Item Stating She’s No Longer Friends With Katie Maloney

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Former Vanderpump Rules star, Stassi Schroeder, commented on the ‘blind item’ about her and Katie Maloney. In case you missed it, the anonymous tipster wrote, “Expect a lot to come out at the reunion. But, one thing that won’t be shared that is known is that Stassi and Katie are no longer friends. The former VPR star is #TeamLala.”

Stassi entered the chat:

“I need to step in here,” began the mother of two. I’m not on Vanderpump Rules. I’m not on any team.”

“That’s not my life anymore. I have individual friendships with people. Friendships have and flow without it being nefarious. 🖤” Katie has yet to comment on the blind item.

Current friendship statuses:

As evidenced on season 11 of Pump Rules, Katie and her Something About Her sandwich shop co-owner, Ariana Madix, have been thick as thieves since news of Scandoval broke and the world learned Tom Sandoval was cheating with Ariana’s ‘friend,’ Rachel Leviss.

Historically, Stassi and Ariana haven’t been close, so it’s not far fetched that Katie isn’t mixing her friend groups. Additionally, Lala is closer than ever with Stassi and Lala and Katie aren’t cool right now. In fact, Stassi was the second person Lala told she was having her second baby. Regarding Katie and Lala, Lala trashed Katie after the former Mrs. Tom Schwartz told Andy Cohen she didn’t know the catalyst of her feud with Lala. “I tend to forget when I feel stupid, too,” continued the outspoken VPR personality.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I think they are both in different paths of life that is all!!
  • It’s pretty disheartening to see Stassi not be ride or die for Katie considering Katie has always been loyal to Stassi… sad & gross!
  • Stassi is married and has 2 little kids, Katie is single. They probably just don’t have as much time to hang out, their lives are in very different places right now
  • aka they aren’t friends but she doesn’t want to be accused of jumping on the Lala delusional train so she’s making it come off like it’s just life.
  • I think it’s a kid thing. Lala and her have that in common.


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What’s your opinion of the current state of the friend groups within the VanderVerse?