Rachel Leviss Reveals Lisa Vanderpump’s Cares More About ‘Scandoval’ Than Graham

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Rachel Leviss believes Lisa Vanderpump cares more about ‘Scandoval‘ drama than Graham’s well-being.

During an episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the former beauty pageant contestant exposed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum of caring more about the aftermath of Rachel’s illicit affair with Tom Sandoval rather than Graham [now Hippie], the goldendoodle she gave up.

Does LVP care more about Scandoval than Graham ?

“I saw a preview for next week’s [Vanderpump Rules] episode where Lisa is talking to Tom, and she told Tom that she spoke to me at length.”

“You know, we did speak. It was right after I found out that Graham had been adopted by her, and that she gave Graham to James Kennedy on camera, and that whole conversation.”

Caring only about Scandoval, LVP “wasn’t concerned about Graham, and that was my reason for contacting her.”

“She kind of like would flip the conversation to talk about coming back to the show what that would look like.” Lisa wanted to plan “a conversation that I would have with her in a one-on-one and that I would be able to share my story and what my thoughts are.”

LVP was in production mode:

Rachel was convinced LVP cared more about Scandoval than Graham, but still wanted to reason with the restauranteur.

“I told her, ‘No. I don’t want to be with Tom because he’s manipulative and he’s not a stand-up guy, to say the least. He told me lying is way of life and it’s not the way of my life.”

Doing a respectable Lisa impression, Rachel mimicked “Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Why don’t you come on and tell me that, you know, on camera. What else would you say? What else would you say about Tom?”

“When I had this conversation with Lisa, she was very dismissive about Graham and my feelings and concerns for Graham. But, she was very attentive to what my emotions and feelings regarding Tom and that was the direction she steered that conversation in, as much as I tried to get it back to” Graham.

“So, it’s just like this mindset of like production and camera and storylines. Whereas for me, it’s, like, my real life and how I actually feel.”


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Do you believe LVP cares more about Scandoval than Graham?