Rachel Leviss Relieved Lisa Vanderpump Had To “Change Her Story” Regarding Graham, Now Hippie

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Rachel on LVP and Graham:

Rachel Leviss was relieved to learn Lisa Vanderpump didn’t pursue a vicious narrative regarding her former dog getting re-homed to her former fiancé, James Kennedy.

The former beauty pageant contestant does, however, find herself questioning LVP‘s motive.

Did LVP remain mum on the show regarding Graham’s whereabouts while Rachel was in mental health treatment for Rachel’s wellbeing or was it because Lisa wanted to avoid getting caught in a lie? 

Relieved Rachel:

The former Vanderpump Rules star began, “When [LVP] gave Graham to James, she never said my name.”

Lisa “didn’t say the story that was put out in the press of me surrendering my dog to a kill shelter and it was hours away of being euthanized.”

“I thought that was very interesting because I was like, ‘Oh. This isn’t what I thought it was going to be’ and I was pleasantly surprised.”

“I’m a little bit relieved because I don’t have to worry about more death threats and death wishes” over the handling of Graham Cracker, now Hippie.

Rachel questions LVP’s intentions regarding Graham:

“I don’t know if that scene was reshot so that she could backtrack after being called out on it or if that was the original thing and she just let those rumors go rampant?”

“It was, like, propaganda to make me look like this ultimate villain.”

“I’m glad that I called her out on it and put the real story out there because my family was in contact with the foster that was training and taking care of Graham.”

Rachel set the record straight regarding LVP and Graham.

“We actually did know, like, the story of how Lisa adopted Graham and I think she realized that we had so many facts that we published to the press that she was going to have to change her story.”

Bravo TV fans react to the LVP / Rachel / Graham situation:

  • I don’t see why the dog is in foster when he already has another owner. Like if you cant take care of him give him to his other caretaker, not foster?!
  • I thought she was trying to move past VPR? She could have done all this on the show
  • Lisa is handling all of this with grace. She is very aware of everyones mental health
  • Chile’ no one care about u my dog just move forward I’d be interested in that… move forward wear ur scarlet letter and keep it pushing
  • Soooooo NOW we believe what Rachel says? 😂😂😂 She lied to multiple best friends for MONTHS TO THEIR FACE – Knowing it would be on Tv. But now this is word… come on folks. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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