Rachel Leviss Seemingly Annoyed That Lisa Vanderpump Helped Graham Get Re-Homed With James Kennedy

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Rachel Leviss may not have returned to Vanderpump Rules, but that isn’t deterring her from using the Emmy-nominated reality show as the main source of content for her new podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue.

Most recently, Rachel (formerly Raquel), told her side of the story of how the dog she gave up, Graham, ended up with her ex-fiancé, James Kennedy, after she admittedly abandoned the mini golden doodle.

The mistress behind Scandoval assured her listeners that her intentions were good when attempting to re-home Graham … who also lived with James for most of his life.

Giving up on Graham:

The former VPR personality began, “I surrendered all rights to Graham when I gave him to the rescue to be re-homed to a good family who is experienced with dogs who have aggressive behavior.”

Annoyed, Tom Sandoval‘s side piece explains that Lisa Vanderpump (aka the Vanderpump Dogs owner) got involved after Graham’s microchip was scanned and a shelter reached out to her.

“Lisa goes and adopts him.”


Rachel explained how the restaurateur took the mini golden doodle “to Lake Tahoe and surprises James with Graham” [who is now called Hippie] while filming season 11 of VPR.

“Basically, the story they put out there is Lisa told everyone I surrendered my dog at a kill shelter and he was hours away from being euthanized,” continued the former beauty pageant contestant.

“I was only a week out of my treatment and their whole plan was to get me to Tahoe so they could drop this bomb on me.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Why not just give him to James. James loved him.
  • It’s called training? You can clearly afford a professional trainer to work out these bad behaviours Graham had. You don’t just give your dog to a shelter.
  • Lisa will ALWAYS put dogs well being before anything!! For you to accuse her of anything else is disgusting. LVP has done SO MUCH for the dog community around the world!
  • Wrong what they were doing to you but I never support surrendering pets kill shelters or rescue. He doesn’t seem aggressive at all. Tell the truth about that James doesn’t seem to be having any issues with aggressive behavior from him. Why wouldn’t you just give him back to James?
  • Sorry but you gave up Graham, you could have stuck him with family while you were undergoing treatment. No excuse
  • Ya this isn’t it. A dog is a family member and u just don’t give up on him
  • We believe you! Shame on VPR for a juicy yet another attack on RACHEL story line…REALLY disappointed in LVP allowing this abuse to go on
  • You did what you needed to do and anyone with an ounce of compassion can understand it wasn’t a light decision.
  • He seems to be doing great with James! This girl will forever take no accountability and try to explain away her terrible choices. And also don’t understand why she is doing a podcast she has the worst voice I’ve been saying this for years. It’s so shakey and uncomfortable to listen.
  • I’m sorry I feel like Allie is a great dog mom she’s the best thing for Graham

Check it out:

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