Rachel Leviss Believes James Kennedy Made Kristen Doute ‘Crazy’

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Rachel Leviss detailed a lesson learned while in therapy about the abuse she endured ALLEGEDLY at the hand of James Kennedy.

Content warning!

ICYMI … Although the former Vanderpump Rules star didn’t mention James by name in the podcast, she claimed “Kennedy erupted at Leviss’s mother and father, and kicked her family dog four times in an uncontrollable rage” in court documents. Additionally, Jame’s ex, Kristen Doute, confirmed the allegations that James is abusive several times on podcasts and social media.

Rachel shares her experiences with domestic violence:

The former beauty pageant contestant took to Rachel Goes Rogue to announce “we’re doing something a little bit different” on the podcast. I actually can’t go rogue today. I’ve recorded a very personal episode talking about my experience with domestic violence. It’s important for me to share it with you guys. There are such valuable pieces in this episode that I think is so incredibly important for me to share.”

“I’ve been processing through the abuse that I’ve experienced with my therapist and there are some things I didn’t know we’re considered abuse. She actually gave me a PDF format that maps out examples of physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, harassment, digital abuse, and financial abuse. Some of them I was surprised to see were there,” explained Tom Sandoval‘s ex-side-piece. “The first [example of abuse] is driving recklessly or dangerously with you in the car.

‘Crazy’ Kristen?!

In a surprising twist of events, the VPR mistress defended Kristen’s actions for how she behaved while dating James. “One of the people that I was seeing really put that narrative out there was his ex was crazy.”

“In a way, I think that he might have made her crazy because when I was taking some time to myself to really reflect on my patterns and my love relationships, I was thinking back to his ex, and I was like, ‘I don’t think she’s crazy. I think she’s just dealing with this guy.”

I Can Fix Him … No Really I Can (Rachel’s Version)

Rachel thought she was going to be the one to “fix” her former fiancé. “But I’m different and I can help him and I can fix him and he doesn’t treat me this way.”

She rationalized, “he might be an asshole to other people, but he treats me like a queen. So, I must be special.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • The fact that she said Kristen isn’t crazy really puts things into perspective.
  • Kristen said James was abusive – it’s not shocking if Rachel is saying the same thing
  • Love him or hate him, James has always been the same person throughout the show. Rachel on the other hand has been one person for cameras and another person behind those same cameras… Authenticity wins in my eyes.
  • I wonder if she was advised so she can file another lawsuit 🤔
  • She needs to just shut this podcast down. She’s lost the whole point in doing it at this point.
  • Where can I get a copy of the pdf?

What’s your opinion of Rachel reasoning that Kristen isn’t crazy after all?