Rachel Leviss’s Court Docs State James Kennedy “Kicked Her Family Dog Four Times”

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Court docs reveal James Kennedy kicked Rachel Leviss‘s family dog.

In court documents, the former Vanderpump Rules star accused her ex-fiancé of physically abusing an animal.

The official statement:

“Leviss eventually warned Kennedy that she would leave him if he did not stop drinking. However, she soon learned that his despicable behavior was not solely a function of alcohol abuse.”  

“At Thanksgiving with Leviss’s family in Arizona, Kennedy erupted at Leviss’s mother and father, and kicked her family dog four times in an uncontrollable rage.”

In case you missed Rachel accusing James of dog mistreatment:

During Chapter One of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the former VPR star explained, “The truth of the matter is that James was not a good dog owner. In the way that James would taunt Graham. And he would just antagonize him. He would kick Graham off the couch when he was sleeping and not expecting it, so that would shock him.”

“He would encourage Graham to bite his hands. And it really reinforced that biting behavior with Graham. I’m sure that played a part in his behavior.”

“I would do my best to stop James from tormenting Graham.”

Bravo TV fans react to Rachel’s claim of James abusing her family dog:

  • I believe her!!!! You cannot just lie in court documents. Whenever you submit documents to the court you have to swear on a affidavit.
  • Yep. But sadly people don’t want to listen. I was really sick over seeing the way people kept victim blaming in those posts. It’s really sad and why DV victims don’t want to come forward.
  • Rachel calling James out LEGALLY for abusing the dog is next level
  • Is this the terrible thing she was “keeping to herself” that would ruin his life? This doesn’t shock me, but do we believe her? 😮😮😮
  • I believe her and I guarantee you Kristen will talk about James’ abusive behavior on her podcast in the next couple of weeks

See the court doc where Rachel accuses James of dog abuse here:


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