Kyle Richards Allegedly Seen Holding Hands With Morgan Wade

kyle richards hold hands morgan wade

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade *allegedly* held hands at the 2023 Stagecoach Festival. 

The OG of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was outed by an employee from the festival that took place in Indigo, California on April 28 – April 30, 2023.

Instagram’s @FaceReality16 gifted her followers with another five-star deep dive on the alleged romantic relationship between Kyle and the country music singer.

The allegation:

A tipster alleged, “My friend is a contract employee for festival production.”

“She said at stagecoach 2023, Kyle was there with Morgan and saw them holding hands back then.”

Although this is an alleged claim there is evidence that super sleuth, @FaceReality16, excavated from social media and blogs that supports the hand holding claim.



Exhibit A:

Morgan was photographed at the festival wearing her ‘T’ Tiffany ‘True’ ring, $2,350, which Kyle also owns.

Exhibit B:

In a flashback clip, the editors reminded Bravoholics of an interview where Kyle acted flippant in reference to kissing another woman. “If they’re going to be talking, you may as well give them something to talk about” in reference to the steamy music video she filmed with Morgan.

I don’t feel like hand holding would be an alien activity for two people comfortable kissing.

Exhibit C:

Speaking of alien activity, what TF was Kyle doing with her voice when she was talking about kissing Morgan? Also, when did the lizard-like tongue movements begin?

Perhaps she’s not being honest and these are her ‘tells.’

Exhibit D:

Kyle is an actress; however, she claimed she didn’t know the concept for the video until arriving on set.

It feels odd to go to set having no idea of what’s expected … especially considering she’s so close to Morgan, who seemingly spearheaded the creative.

Bravo TV fans react to the Kyle and Morgan hand holding rumor:

  • If they’re not romantic she needs to say that. The attention she’s trying to get from this feels offensive and exploitative of the queer community.
  • Whenever you’re ready Kyle! We’re here to support you 😎
  • So Kyle’s story is that Morgan would only perform at her friend’s memorial service if she’d do a video? Sounds grimy, and I don’t believe it
  • If they arent dating she needs to be fired for queerbaiting
  • It’s giving me Miranda/Che vibes

See the claim about Kyle and Morgan holding hands here:


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Do you believe Kyle and Morgan were holding hands publicly in April 2023?