Lala Kent “Will Be Damned” If Anyone Tries To Tarnish This Stage Of Her Life

lala kent vpr damned tarnish pregnancy

Lala Kent “will be damned” if anyone tries to tarnish this stage of her life. The outspoken Vanderpump Rules star shared her frustration in regards to the feedback she’s getting about season 11 of VPR.

Head in the sand:

“There are things that I just don’t want to see and I don’t want to know about,” began Lala. “This is my real life and the show is too, but I just want to stay in my ‘real life’ of creating my family,” she explained while shedding tears. “So, I’ve been staying away from all that [Pump Rules] stuff because I live an amazing life. I feel happy about all of the changes I’ve made in my world to get to where I am. I’m really proud of the success I’ve gained on my own with many many years of hard work and I just want to relish in that.”

Lala lashes out:

“I don’t want strangers to make me feel silly or stupid. I love Bravo, I love NBC-U, I love Vanderpump Rules, and I love all of you guys. But, this is a really important time in my life and I will be damned if anyone tarnishes or gives me memories of it not being a beautiful time in my life,” elaborated Ocean’s mom. “I’m welcoming a daughter at the end of September – I have nothing to complain about.”

When discussing “strangers who watch a tv show,” Lala revealed she isn’t handling fan feedback as well as she’s been presenting. “There are things I just don’t want to see.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Didn’t she JUST say she couldn’t care less?
  • Of course this is awful but actions have consequences – you can’t go around being an asshole to people & expect zero repercussions.
  • She can’t spend weeks publicly dragging her “friends” all over the internet & then cry when the public respond to it
  • What did she do that was so bad ? Are we watching the same show
  • She’s literally going on a freaking hater PR tour right now. Ariana and Katie haven’t said anything about her or her real life and she has been relentlessly bashing them.
  • She was so excited thinking everyone would turn on Ariana. She was wrong. She chose the wrong side. Own your part. 🤷‍♀️


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Do you think Lala’s reaction is justified, or is this a ‘you made your bed, now sleep in it’ situation?