Lala Kent Confirmed Fight With Ariana Madix While Filming The VPR Reunion

lala ariana reunion

Lala Kent confirms one of the allegations regarding a fight with Ariana Madix while filming the Vanderpump Rules reunion is true.

During an interview on The Talk,  Lala recounted a social media post she read. “I think the exact tweet was ‘Ariana eviscerated Lala at the reunion and it was friendship ruining.’”

Lala confirmed, “One of those things is true” before teasing, “I’ll let you all decide.”

Inside info on the Lala and Ariana’s reunion drama:

Rumors circulated that Ariana and Lala’s friendship ended after a blowout fight while filming the reunion. @TheBravoBabe posted, “Rumor is that Ariana eviscerated Lala at the end of the reunion. Like friendship over type of situation.”

Bravo & Cocktails posted an allegation regarding the reunion. “I heard the VPR reunion was boring as fuck till the end, and then…”

“Ariana went OFF on Lala.” It was a “Verbal blowout” that was so bad it appears their “Friendship [is] over. And Tom [Sandoval] and Ariana, of course, went it at, obviously.”

“But full on war of words with Ariana and Lala!”

Bravo TV fans react to the reunion drama:

  • If this is true why would people come at a pregnant lady …. 😐
  • This season killed the love I had for Lala. She’s just another Scheana making a situation that has no thing to do with her about her, comparing HER RELATIONSHIP to Ariana’s, and it’s draining
  • I feel like Lala is hypocritical. That’s all…
  • I hope Ariana took her down a few notches. She is SO way out of line. Everybody heals differently.
  • I normally root for Lala but not when she’s doing this bs to Ariana. Good for Ariana tbh.
  • I hope Ariana reminded her again that she was born f cool 👏🏾

What do you think caused the fight between Lala and Ariana at the reunion?