Eric Funderwhite Was Banned From Filming Vanderpump Villa Due To Restraining Order

Vanderpump Villa Eric Funderwhite banned reunion hulu

Vanderpump Villa manager, Eric Funderwhite, has been “banned” from filming the popular Hulu show’s freshman year reunion. According to reports from The Sun, the 37-year-old “was disinvited from the reunion taping because of his TRO (temporary restraining order).”

Eric, who was hired by Lisa Vanderpump to work as the chateau manager at her French countryside estate, was not invited to the 4/15/2024 filming of the Vanderpump Villa reunion in Los Angeles. “Producers were furious over the shocking news, so they banned him,” the source added.

“If there’s a second season, he most likely won’t be returning.” This comes after a slew of fans demanded Eric gets “fired” after learning of his violent history. Seemingly, the rest of the cast including mixologists Andre Mitchell and Telly Hall, executive chef Anthony Bar, sous chef Caroline Byl, lead server Marciano Brunette, servers Priscila Ferrari and Hannah Fouch, events coordinators Gabriella Sanon and Stephen Alsvig, and housekeepers Grace Cottrell and Emily Kovacs all attended the reunion filming in L.A.

Fans can assume Eric’s past was a hot topic that was brought up since the cast was unaware of it while filming at Chateau Rosabelle. Vanderpump Villa includes 10 episodes total and wraps on May 20. The date of the reunion has not been announced, nor how many reunion episodes fans can expect.

The skeletons in Eric’s closet:

“Eric allegedly ‘physically assaulted’ his ex and allegedly gave her black eyes,” as seen in photographs from court docs obtained by The U.S. Sun. Eric’s ex claimed he became “even more aggressive,” throughout their relationship, and “continued to psychologically and verbally abuse” her. The trauma she experienced was “detrimental to [her] mental health.” Eric’s ex alleged that he “spit” in her face on her birthday in 2020.

Did anyone else get major Patrick Bateman vibes from Eric Funderwhite while watching Vanderpump Villa?