Annemarie Wiley Slams “Victim” Crystal Kung Minkoff After Seemingly Getting Fired From RHOBH

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Annemarie Wiley threw low-key shade at her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Crystal Kung Minkoff after she announced she was seemingly fired from RHOBH. Crystal’s news came on the heels of Annemarie getting booted from the cast last month.   

8.5 took to her Instagram story to insult the three-season Real Housewife. “I don’t care how good you play victim, that karma gone tear your ass up 🤣🤣.”

Bravo TV fans react to Annemarie shading Crystal for getting fired after she was terminated:

  • Annemarie is second only to Diana [Jenkins] as the worst casting decision ever made.
  • Anne Marie needs to understand she was the worst housewife since Carlton [Gebbia]. Shut up
  • Crystal’s Karma is a great husband, amazing kids, a close relationship with her mom and brother and insane wealth without having to work. If this is her karma I want it❤️
  • Oh the “she’s not-Dr” is bit-ter & vengeful,smh.
  • Who cares what a one and DONE has to say??
  • Eagles don’t fly with pigeons


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In case you missed it:

Crystal kept her mouth closed when Annemarie was fired, unlike 8.5’s husband. Marsellus Wiley went on a social media rant to slam the BravoVerse and his wife’s former co-star, Crystal Kung Minkoff. The one-season Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband responded to user Collin Rugg‘s post about 8.5 supporting former president Donald Trump. “Look at these bullshitters opening up Panderer’s [Pandora’s] Box!” 

To begin, “Crystal knows damn well my wife is not a Trump supporter. But, even if she was, who the hell are YOU to politically police her?” Additionally, “Crystal also knows her virtue signaling ass shouldn’t be saying the word ‘N*gg@’ in videos (a word I don’t know even use), but she has! Worse, she doubles down on dumb by implying to my wife who she has to vote for since she’s black!” He spewed, “Let’s be real…my wife wasn’t good on” RHOBH which is why she was fired. Personally, I’m glad she’s off the show, she was a horrible fit. We all saw it, and it was obvious why.” 

In conclusion, Marsellus noted, “It’s impossible to truly know how FAKE you have to be to actually be a REAL Housewife.”

What’s your opinion of Annemarie throwing shade at Crystal for seemingly getting fired?