RHOBH Fans Celebrate Annemarie Wiley Getting Fired

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Annemarie Wiley was fired from the RHOBH and fans couldn’t be happier!


“I just got the word today that I will not be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” began 8.5. “To say that I am disappointed is an understatement.”

In an attempt to save face after getting fired, Annemarie wanted it to be known she didn’t screen test before being offered a role on RHOBH.

To be clear, “I never auditioned for this show. The show found me and asked me to be on it out of the blue six weeks after the cast had already started filming. I was thrown into filming two weeks later, mid season.”

Annemarie threw RHOBH production under the bus for her getting fired:

To begin, “I was very excited about the opportunity, and I thought following exactly what I was instructed to do throughout filming last season was the way the ‘game was played.'”

“Listening to what I was instructed to do was my rookie mistake. What I am disappointed about is that the fans never got to see the real me, or even a glimpse of my unique life story. … contrary to what was shown on TV, I am not obsessed with the esophagus! LOL.”

What Annemarie wanted shown on RHOBH before she was fired:

“What I am as a woman, a proud, black woman, who is truly blessed with a wonderful, strong, black man as my husband, who lifts me up and our four wonderful children with so much love and positivity on a daily.”

Additionally, “It was an important mission of mine for the next season to show a solid black family unit and that ‘true black love’ exists, even in Beverly Hills. My struggle with losing my mother to lung cancer within weeks of taping, and my struggle with adoption trauma, and what was going to be, and still will be, a new life journey for me to find my biological parents. All of which was taped, but never shown last season… Among other things.”

Bravo TV react to Annemarie getting fired from RHOBH:

  • Ugh even reading this annoyed me😂. 
  • RHOBH didn’t make her look bad. She’s done that all on her own
  • Note to future housewives, just be yourselves and don’t try to “play the game”
  • I’m extremely disappointed in production/editing, but not at all surprised. Instead of showing us more of her personal story, they opted to show us the bull $hit esophagus $hit for 3-5 episodes
  • So now 8.5 is saying she got a bad edit. 😂

See for yourself:


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Did Annemarie deserved to get fired from RHOBH?