Annemarie Wiley Supports “Amazing” Husband Amid Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie, Annemarie Wiley, has chosen to stand with her man, Marcellus Wiley after he was accused of raping another college student in 1994.

Annemarie took to her Instagram page to publicly support her children’s father.

She described the former NLF star as an “amazing husband” before sharing her thanks for having “A strong body and even stronger mind.”

Acknowledging the elephant in the room, Annamarie declared, “I take none of this lightly or for granted.”

Annemarie feels “blessed beyond belief” for her family and “Inspiring and supportive friends” during this time.


The NY Post broke the story on 11/22/2023.

“The victim — a sociologist with a focus on race and culture — filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court accusing Wiley, 48, of attacking her in the fall of 1994, when he was a sophomore and star running back for the Columbia Lions.”

“The plaintiff set clear boundaries with the 250-pound football player,” which he allegedly disregarded.

Marcellus “allegedly forced himself on her in her freshman dorm room, relentlessly ignoring her verbal objections and robbing her of her virginity, an attack that would later drive his victim to attempt suicide.”

Stay tuned on this developing story.