Rachel Leviss Responds To Rumors Of Ariana Madix Being The Owner Of The Shirt She Wore To Music Festival

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Former Vanderpump Rules star, Rachel Leviss, set the record straight regarding the familiar peasant top she wore to the Stagecoach Festival that allegedly belonged to Ariana Madix.

During an episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast called ‘You Look Good In My Shirt,’ Rachel revealed she and Ariana “have the same shirt.” Tom Sandoval‘s former side piece added, “I bought that shirt at Urban Outfitters.” The former beauty pageant contestant assured her audience it was all about the aesthetic.

The shirt “just matched my jeans perfectly. I needed something that was form fitting and showed embroidery on my pants. They were very beautifully embroidered with a cactus scenery, a desert scene, and a moon. I needed to show that off. So, I thought a crop top would be ideal. But, I didn’t want my stomach showing. So, it’s the perfect length and the perfect color to go with the color scheme.”

Rachel assured her listeners, “It was something I already owned. People are like, ‘Oh. She stole that shirt from Ariana’ which is not the case. I purchased it and I didn’t even remember seeing her wear it on the show. To clarify, it’s my shirt. Not hers. Ariana has her own orange shirt that’s exactly the same.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • It’s like The Tale of the Orange Shirt or something. (90s kid) That’s the story.
  • The fact they are pulling stuff from fan accounts, tagging the media and pro-Rachel accounts. 😂😂 They love the attention, which actually is briefly highlighted in the response by Ariana’s lawyers.
  • It’s like they made a big deal about it and down played it all in the same sentence no?
  • I am not a Rachel fan but someone needs to step in, fire everyone, delete her IG and let her try to start all over
  • Rachel’s publicist is part of the problem


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