Dr. Nicole Martin Believes Annemarie Wiley Was “Gaslighting” Sutton Stracke’s Esophagus Problem

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Real Housewives of Miami star, Dr. Nicole Martin, gave her professional opinion on the drama surrounding RHOBH‘s Sutton Stracke and Annemarie Wiley.

Doctor’s Note

Although Nicole thinks Annemarie is “a lovely person,” she isn’t on board with her “gaslighting” Sutton’s esophagus issues.

The RHOM beauty spoke directly to her followers about the drama Bravo TV fans saw on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode called EsophoGATE.

“It does not matter where you fall in the spectrum – all the way from being a tech to being a doctor,” began Nicole.

“You join the profession to be an advocate for patients.”

“It is not our place to belittle, question, or demean a patient’s symptoms or diagnosis,” continued the anesthesiologist.

“We are there to facilitate and help the patient through the medical process.”

“It was very uncomfortable and cringey to watch Annemarie belittle Sutton’s symptoms in such a way.”

Nicole’s video caption stated, “Lets not do this #gaslighting 🚦🚫.”

“Gaslighting can happen in medicine too. Medical gaslighting occurs when a medical professional dismisses or downplays a patient’s physical symptoms or attributes them to something else, like a psychological condition. Numerous factors can contribute to this behavior, but ultimately the patient is impacted so let’s do better 👎🏼”

Medical jargon:

Dr. Nicole recommended you listen to former Real Housewives of Dallas star/fellow anesthesiologist, Dr. Tiffany Moon‘s professional breakdown of the esophagus problem Sutton struggles with.

Spoiler alert, Dr. Moon is on the same page as Dr. Martin in that Annemarie “weaponized” (as Tiffany put it) Sutton’s health issue against her.

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