Dr. Tiffany Moon Disturbed How Anne Marie Wiley ‘Weaponized’ Sutton Stracke’s Esophagus Problems

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The doctor is in!

Former Real Housewives of Dallas star, Dr. Tiffany Moon, found it “disturbing” how Annemarie Wiley addressed Sutton Stracke‘s medical issue on the most recent RHOBH episodes.

ICYMI … The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie condescendingly told Sutton – who has a known medical condition – “All you do is chew your food more.” RHOD‘s doctor wasn’t having it.

Dr. Moon took to her TikTok page to provide her expertise and comment on how the Kyle Richards‘s friend of handled the interaction.

“I think it was very disturbing how Annemarie was weaponizing her medical profession to tell Sutton about her own condition.”

Doctor talk:

Dr. Moon went into medical speak regarding Sutton’s condition. I’ve reduced her expertise down to gossip; however, encourage you to watch Tiffany’s TikTok for an easy-to-understand explanation of the ailment Sutton lives with.

“You don’t just, ‘chew your food more,’ a stricture is a stricture.”

“You can chew your food all you want … but if your stricture is narrow you’re going to have the feeling of some food stuck in your esophagus,” explained the former Bravo TV personality.

“The whole scene was kind of cringey to me. I don’t what made her go at Sutton so hard, especially when it was her party. I thought that to be incredibly rude.”

Dr. Moon advised, “Let’s not weaponize our medical knowledge to come at people … especially when you’re wrong.”

See for yourself:

@tiffanymoonmd My take on the AnneMarie vs Sutton feud over her esophageal stricture. #RHOBH #MedicalTok #esophagusproblems #TiffanyMoonMD ♬ original sound – Tiffany Moon MD

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