Is Annemarie Wiley Getting Demoted To A ‘Friend Of’ Kyle Richards On RHOBH?

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Content Warning!

***Everything you are about to read is alleged.***

The latest woman to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, Annemarie Wiley, may have one foot out the door already.

It was alleged by Instagram account @TheRealHousewivesZone that Annemarie could be demoted to a ‘friend ofKyle Richards.

Just after Annemarie’s premiere on RHOBH, news that her husband, Marcellus Wiley, allegedly raped a fellow college student in the 90’s.

A source spilled to @TheRealHousewivesZone, “Annemarie was suppose to be on the latest episode intro with her tagline however production is unsure if she will be full time.”

“The decision is on a knife’s edge right now but it looks like she will be demoted to Kyle’s friend.”

The blogger noted, “Annemarie entered Kyle’s weed dinner in the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as ‘Kyle’s friend’ and did not feature on the shows opening with a tagline.”

“Bravo [doesn’t] want to be associated with the case against her husband and although a decision about her status on the show has not been officially made it’s not looking good.”

“The final decision is being made this week,” concluded the insider.

Allegedly. Allegedly. Allegedly.


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Fans of Bravo TV took to the comment section to share their opinions.

  • Background checks ffs 🤦🏽‍♀️ Why now after she’s been featured? Hmmm
  • I mean bravo literally fired cast members over OLD tweets before lol. If they want to be consistent she should be demoted. Or is being politically incorrect considered worse than sexual assault? Lmao
  • She. Can. Leave. Camille and Denise, bring them instead 😍
  • Weaponizing what her husband did, not her, against her, is awful. Imagine paying the price for someone else’s actions, really tough.
  • Idk how I feel about her in general. At BravoCon she took over every convo. It was a lot
  • I kinda like her and I wasn’t expecting to she’s blunt
  • What happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! Why didn’t they remove erika for the theft and bad pr about her husband ??
  • She was alot!!! At Kyle’s dinner 😳….it’s almost as if she wants to have a strong presence to appear to be someone she’s not..she was very off putting

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