Annemarie Wiley Finds Sutton Stracke’s Use Of The Term “Attack” To Be A Double Standard

annemarie sutton attack double standard

Annemarie Wiley *tried to* drag Sutton Stracke for using the word “attack” to describe how she felt she treated her since meeting the newest addition to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast.

The certified registered nurse anesthetist felt the cast and Bravo audience didn’t honor her as a black woman like they did when Garcelle Beavais allegedly “attacked” Dorit Kemsley.

Anne8.5marie took to her Instagram story to respond to Sutton’s use of the controversial term … and how the response was different to Garcelle and Dorit’s interaction around the term “attack.”

In case you missed Sutton using the term attack regarding Annemarie:

Annemarie‘s first IG story was a clip of Sutton on WWHL explaining, “Annemarie and I, were not friends when we started and I wouldn’t consider her a friend today.”

“I met her, and she kind of attacked me from the very beginning,” stated Sutton.

Annemarie clapped back to Sutton saying she attacked her:

“OOP … there’s that ‘attack’ word again … 🫢,” began the text Annemarie added to the video.

She continued, “So, Sutton can say I ‘attacked’ her, but it’s not OK when Dorit says ‘attack’ to Garcelle?”

“Someone please make the double standard and hypocrisy makes sense. 🤯”

In another slide, 8.5 added, “Women of color have to work twice as hard to be in the same spaces!! And even when we get there we are a target.”

“You wanna talk about ‘privilege?!?’ Whew… 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨.”

“Let’s keep it consistent please,” requested Annemarie.

Bravo TV fans react to Sutton, Annemarie, and the word attack:

  • Black woman with an opinion here: Anne Marie.. shut up!!! What happened between you and Sutton is very different than Garcelle and dorit. And you were in fact, VERBALLY ATTACKING SUTTON about her medical history.
  • AnneMarie… there’s a difference in actually “attacking” someone loud and verbally like you did Sutton and saying that some one is “attacking” you because you didn’t like how they called you out like Dorit did to Garcelle. As a black woman I’m perplexed why you don’t know the difference
  • Annemarie…in this context YOU Attacked Garcelle
  • I mean, I think it’s extremely ableist, a different form of privilege, to say someone is lying about a legitimate health issue they have/medically gaslight, especially as someone in the medical field, but ok girl.
  • I wish she would get her instagram deactivated cause I’m tired of seeing it

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