Annemarie Wiley’s Husband Marsellus Wiley Slams Crystal Kung Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais, And The BravoVerse

annemarie husband rant

Annemarie Wiley‘s husband/alleged rapist, Marsellus Wiley, went on a social media rant to slam the BravoVerse and his wife’s former co-stars, Crystal Kung Minkoff and Garcelle Beauvais.

The one-season Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband responded to user Collin Rugg‘s post about 8.5 supporting former president Donald Trump.

Annemarie’s husband’s rant:

“Look at these bullshitters opening up Panderer’s [Pandora’s] Box!” 

“Crystal knows damn well my wife is not a Trump supporter. But, even if she was, who the hell are YOU to politically police her?” 

Additionally, “Crystal also knows her virtue signaling ass shouldn’t be saying the word ‘N*gg@’ in videos (a word I don’t know even use), but she has! Worse, she doubles down on dumb by implying to my wife who she has to vote for since she’s black!”

“Garcelle puts the CON in confused. Acts pro-black, but stays hating on black women in a desperate attempt to stay ‘Fancy’ on a show with No Blacks!”

Annemarie’s husband concluded his rant saying, “Let’s be real…my wife wasn’t good on [RHOBH]. Personally, I’m glad she’s off the show, she was a horrible fit. We all saw it, and it was obvious why.” 

“It’s impossible to truly know how FAKE you have to be to actually be a REAL Housewife.”

In case you missed it: user Collin Rugg‘s collage of two pictures and a video to his page which prompted Annemarie husband’s rant. The photos were of Annemarie rocking braids and a marigold, spaghetti strapped cut-out dress, a RHOBH season 13 cast photo, and a Vlog of Marsellus discussing why he thinks “transgender athletes shouldn’t compete against biological women.”

“NEW: Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Annemarie Wiley was allegedly fired from the show for her ‘right-wing’ views including her support for Trump, Candace Owens and her opposition to transgender athletes.”

The short-lived Bravo TV personality “was reportedly released from the show for ‘clashing’ with other housewives over her political views. According to a source who spoke with the Daily Mail, Chinese-American Crystal Kung-Minkoff who was on the show couldn’t comprehend how Wiley could support Trump. ‘The Chinese-American openly struggled to understand why a woman of color would be aligned with Trump,’ the source said. ‘She was open and proud to be Team MAGA and a staunch Donald Trump supporter.'”

Before the rant, Annemarie “also faced backlash when she defended her husband, former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, who opposes transgender athletes. ‘During the reunion taping, Garcelle Beauvais expressed her disgust that Annemarie was a fan of political conspiracy theorist Candace Owens and said it told her all that she needed to know about Annemarie,’ the source said.”

What’s your opinion of Annemarie’s husband’s Real Housewives rant?

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