Ariana Madix Doesn’t “Fuck With” Tom Schwartz Post-Scandoval

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Ariana Madix left no crumbs.

During a preview for a future episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz had the gall to tell Ariana, “You’re not the queen of the group.”

Queen shit:

The Broadway actress admitted Tom Sandoval‘s main squeeze was – in fact- correct … before annihilating the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner’s character.

Schwartz is “not wrong because I’ve literally never thought or said that” I’m the queen of the group.

The irony wasn’t lost on the the Dancing With the Stars finalist considering Schwartz is the “same guy who professes to miss my friendship.”

“Yeah, right. Lol.”

Ariana sees right through Schwartz’s schtick.

He’s “gotta try and knock me down as soon as I remind him [that] I don’t fuck with him.”

At the end of the day, Schwartz gave Ariana “another reminder I made the right choice for myself.”

See for yourself:


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Bravo TV fans react:

  • That’s what he used to do to Katie!!!
  • Schwartz needs to lower his voice because he let his skeezy friend use his house as a f*ckpad for seven months
  • The pick me defending Schwartz and Sandoval in this comments ! I hope that y’all will go through the same thing that Ariana did experience with Sandoval
  • Ariana is maintaining boundaries, and this group legit has never had someone do that before. So I get it. Plus Schwartz isn’t good at saying what’s actually on his mind and will flip flop in and out of your face (which is weird because dude, you’re 40, please communicate better).
  • This comment didn’t hit like she thought she did. She sounds like a clown
  • It warms my soul she’s on broadway now and he is….
  • I cannot understand the pov of telling Arianna to get over it. We all realize how much art, music, literature, movies are inspired by stories of broken hearts, pain and betrayal. It’s been three months!! That’s barely long enough to write a poem. What if Adele just “moved on” ?? People need to live in the emotions for a bit!!

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