Lala Kent Mocks Katie Maloney For Having “Amnesia” Over Their Feud

lala katie amnesia

Lala Kent mocked Katie Maloney for having amnesia over the source of their feud.

During an Amazon Live stream, a fan asked Lala’s asked her opinion of Katie saying she wasn’t sure what caused the tension in the Vanderpump Rules stars’ friendship.

Katie is “suffering from amnesia it seems,” began Lala. “A LOT these days!” Mocking her frenemy, Lala continued, “I just can’t remember anything. What?!?!”

Deadpanning, Lala added, “I cannot. I can’t” with Katie acting like she doesn’t know what happened.

“I tend to forget when I feel stupid, too,” continued the outspoken VPR personality. “I just don’t appreciate when people ‘forget.’ Then, I get frustrated and I cry – a frustration cry.”

“And I don’t usually like to drag people when I look like this. I usually like to have my hair and my cat eye on, bit it’s ok.”

Bravo TV fans react to Lala saying Katie has amnesia:

  • then say it with your whole chest, lauren. what’s the beef? 🥩
  • katie has zero personality, she’s mean, dark and depressing
  • I’m more concerned about her eyebrows than Katie’s amnesia. 😬
  • I don’t get why all of sudden she hating on Katie and ArianaI thought she was trying to be “softer” or was that just another story line?
  • Why can’t Lala just choose peace and focus on her family? Good energy out, good energy in

In case you missed it:

During a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Katie was asked “what exactly happened” with Lala after the season 10 VPR reunion that caused their falling out.

“That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure exactly what she’s talking about, per se.”

“Lala and I do have the same fighting styles. A year and a half ago we did have a falling out” around the time they filmed WWHL.

Katie thought the issue with Lala had been resolved, as she didn’t feel there was anything still wrong. “So, I don’t know exactly what she’s talking about.”

See for yourself:

What do you think about Lala’s amnesia comment about Katie?