A “Confused” Katie Maloney Tries To Detail The Drama With Lala Kent

Katie confused Lala

Katie Maloney is confused as to why Lala Kent is so upset with her.

During an interview on The Viall Files, Katie answered Nick’s question regarding the origin of the drama between her and Lala.

How it started:

The Vanderpump Rules star began, “I don’t know what’s happening there. To be honest, it feels like it’s a one-sided situation” from Lala.

A confused Katie continued, “Lala and I were really fine. I was at her house a couple weeks ago – back to back days – for her gender reveal and for Ocean’s birthday.” 

“The reunion was a tough day and there’s some shit that was brought up. It started, I guess, because she’s talking on her podcast about how we had a falling out going into the season. I don’t know if that’s retroactively like she’s bringing that up, but we had a falling out like seven months before the season started. I thought that all was resolved and we were good.”

Nick asked the VPR personality to clarify what “shit” needed to be “squashed” between her and Lala.

“We were squashing what happened at Ally [Lewber’s] house,” answered Katie.

Another reason why Katie is confused why Lala has issues with her:

“Over the summertime, we were trying to figure out why we were triggered by each other. Why were we easily triggered and why were were fighting? She was like, ‘I feel like you know our friendship hasn’t been the same since we had that falling out.'”

“For me, I was just like we haven’t been spending as much time together. You’ve been busy with Ariana in the shop.”

Katie pointed out to Lala that she and Scheana have been like really close. “You buy your house in Palm Springs which is where you spent all your free time, which is fine. I’m not saying it in a bad way, but we just haven’t been prioritizing our friendship.”

“It didn’t seem like there was any residual resentment from the falling out. I thought we addressed everything and that it happened, but it was just mainly about the fact that we hadn’t prioritize the friendship,” explained the Bravo TV star.

“So, when I was asked on what Watch What Happens Live about the falling out, I was like well I don’t feel like we had one going into film we had one a while back.” Katie continued, “I was just confused about the wording of it all and Lala did not like that.”

Mama drama:

Additionally, “I don’t know why she had to post that thing on Instagram and bring my mom (Teri Maloney) into it all,” elaborated Katie. “That was really fucking hurtful to my mom. Like, don’t do that. Just don’t do that.”

Katie was confused as to why and how Lala even brought her mom into it in the first place.

“Also, if you want to talk shit, why is she bringing up like, ‘I wasn’t going to post this because I love her mom. Like, sorry to you.'”

Lala’s behavior is “just weird. I don’t know what is going on.”


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Where do you stand in the confusing feud between Lala and Katie?