Tom Schwartz And Jax Taylor Host $400 Bar Crawl

tom schwartz jax taylor bar crawl

Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor are hitting the road … and you’re invited. The stars of Vanderpump Rules and The Valley are teaming up to host a “California Bar Crawl” that spans from the back alley of SUR through multiple VPR hotspots concluding at Jax’s Studio City.

The invitation:

Schwartz began his post, “Feeling a little sentimental lately. No Bravo Con this year and VPR filming is postponed. But, it’s time to buck up. It doesn’t mean we can’t kick off Summer 2024 with a bang! I was thinking, how can we set June ablaze & bolster our spirits ? Then it hit us…HOW ABOUT A CALOFORNIA BAR CRAWL 🔥 where we cruise bars in the City of Stars, a little pump crawl bliss on Route 66. A west coast toast, a booze cruise with brews. Intimate VIP experience with myself and Jax Taylor.”

The iteniary:

“Thinking we start the motherland. Where it all started. The iconic back alley of SUR, the most sexy unique restaurant in all of the land. Welcome drink & Merch bags on the bus, raise our glasses high & blast the theme song before we saunter into @surrules for some goat cheese balls & perhaps a SUR Cosmo. Next we’ll walk through West Hollywood to one of the great loves of my life TomTom to revel in some mechanical romance. Maybe recreate the infamous kissing pic of me & Tom. Next back on the bus, PUMP up the jams & cruise over to Hollywood for a journey down the rabbit hole Schwartz & Sandy’s. Finally, we cruise to The Valley for a photo finish & celebrate our fantastic voyage with karaoke, drinks & snacks Jax’s Studio City. Special guest appearances & an epic night out with the crew #pumprules & #thevalley style.”


“June 6th is gonna be our first run! Exclusive Merch, heart to hearts, AMA’s and plenty of content for the gram 🙏🍻 Crawl starts 6pm at SUR West Hollywood. They’ll be drinks and snacks on the bus too. Beverages (alcohol & non-alcoholic) Also there will be mocktail options at each bar for our non drinker friends 🫶🌹Let’s get lit, but remember to keep it in moderation.”

@tof_r Would you pay $400 to go on a #VanderpumpRules Bar Crawl with #TomSchwartz and #JaxTaylor? #TheValley #VPR #PumpRules #bravotv ♬ original sound – Taste of Reality

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I love this!!! 💜💜💜 You should also swing by the infamous apartment building where Brittany yelled “I’m engaged”, & Rawt in Hail to give some nostalgia
  • how many stimulants did u take before this caption
  • Boys 400 dollars for FOUR DRINKS?!?
  • Sorry I have to trim my cuticles
  • It’s giving ‘oh crap we need money’ crawl
  • Nahhh. Nice try though. Especially not with Jax 🤢. It will be the “men that can’t keep it in their pants or tell the truth” tour!
  • This should be filmed as a Bravo special. @twschwa you should pitch it to Andy!


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