Tom Schwartz Worries Lala Kent Could Threaten the “Authenticity” of Vanderpump Rules

Tom Schwartz Lala Kent Fourth Wall

Tom Schwartz thinks Lala Kent’s eagerness to “break the fourth” could negatively impact the show.

While on Kristen Doute’s podcast, Balancing Act, the former costars recapped season 11.


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The Vanderpump Rules finale incorporated a popular media phenomena — breaking the fourth wall. Essentially, removing the barrier between actor and viewer.

The audience is aware cameras, boom mics, and hoards of people are off camera working to deliver “TV magic.”

The question is, do you want to be reminded of it?

In case you missed it, Ariana Madix left the VPR finale party early due to Tom Sandoval’s incessant need to have a conversation with her on camera. Ariana’s refusal to film with Sandoval catapulted a conversation we haven’t had before in this way.

Should Ariana film with Tom Sandoval for the sake of the show, or should she stick to her boundaries in spite of it?

However, Tom Schwartz feels that revealing what’s behind the curtain could damage the “mirage” of what they’ve built the past decade.

Tom on Breaking the Fourth Wall

“When you explicitly talk about [VPR] as if it’s a job, it inherently detracts from the reality,” the Schwartz & Sandy’s owner said.

“It’s like an unspoken rule in the biz. You have to be radically honest, remove your filter, and you have to bring it.”

“In talking about that and breaking the fourth wall, I don’t know, lately I’ve been feeling like it’s jeopardizing the authenticity of it. Because these are our real lives. We’re not acting, we’re not making up storylines.”

Lala has worked to make everyone have these tough conversations. Should we say, the conversations she feels should be aired out on the show.

“Lala shows up, does the work, and it’s like the thing is a lot of those conversations are conversations you should have.”

Lala’s efforts, however, could be viewed as self-producing, in turn, diluting the authenticity she’s battling to have.

Listen to Tom on Kristen and Luke’s podcast, below!

Do you agree with Tom Schwartz on his opinion of Lala?