Think you can SUR-vive the Vanderpump Rules Cocktail Crawl?!

Just Another Day in the Life of the Wasted Waiters - Curated by Taste of Reality

December 20, 2016 12:00am

A day in the life of the SUR-vers isn’t complete if you can remember it! So if you want to get totally Jaxed next time you’re in Los Angeles, follow our carefully curated Vanderpump Rules Cocktail Crawl featuring all the locations from the show. It’s guaranteed to get you arrested, kill your liver, end all your friendships and maybe just hired by Lisa Vanderpump herself! Those are the prerequisites, aren’t they?!




9:00 AM Mimosa the morning away at the Andaz Rooftop where you can take in the sunrise and Sunset Strip. What happened here?



10:30 AM Don’t waste any time, get loaded at Lock & Key where LaLa and Jax got lusty for each other! What happened here?



11:50 AM Who cares if it’s not even noon, paint the town at The Parlor where Jax and Peter defended their hetero-ness(ish). What happened here?



1:00 PM Pound a drink and lunch at Pearl’s Liquor Bar, the Sunset Strip spot where Schwartz and Katie got engaged! What happened here?



2:30 PM Loosen up at Liquid Kitty – Kristen’s favorite place to obsess over Tom to James. What happened here?



4:00 PM Get messy at Mixology 101 the bar where Stassi and Jax called it quits! What happened here?



6:00 PM Shots shots shots at The Surly Goat where the SURvers initiate the newbies! What happened here?



8:00 PM Get blasted in Beverly Hill’s at Nic’s martini bar where the Ariana/Kristen saga started. What happened here?



10:00 PM No better place to finish getting sh!tfaced than SUR! Chow down while you chug here and you’re likely to see at least one familiar face… sometimes better with beer goggles! What happened here?



MIDNIGHT  Melrose Tattoo Shop – now that you’re three sheets to the wind, it’s time to get inked with any number of nostalgic symbols from your ex’s name to your nickname “Bubba.” What happened here?



THE NEXT MORNING Whoops. What happened last night?! Better make room for your next ex at the Sandoval & Schwartz’s go-to place for tattoo removal, Dr. Tatoff. What happened here?



THEN… nurse your hangover and do it all over again at PUMP!


For ALL the locations from every season of Vanderpump Rules click here!

By the way… don’t drink & drive, take one of the fab car services you’ve seen on TV! Better than a DUI, just ask Jax!

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