Deux Moi Responds To Rumor That Jax Taylor Cheated On Brittany Cartwright With Their Publicist

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The rumor of Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright with their (former) publicist isn’t going away. Real-life Gossip Girl, @DeuxMoi, confirmed that the alleged tea is piping hot.

An anonymous tipster submitted another claim that the star of The Valley had an extra-marital affair. “Apparently it’s very much true that Jax Taylor is sleeping with his publicist!!!” @DeuxMoi chimed in, “Heard the same” about Jax and Lori Krebs.

Bravo TV fans react to the rumor that Jax cheated with his publicist:

  • The body language of the publicist says it all 😣
  • There’s an old saying if your husband’s not sleeping with you believe he’s sleeping with somebody
  • I hope Britney takes him for as much as she can, and hope that bar is now hers.
  • We aren’t surprised by this news. Jax has never been honest (or faithful). #jaxxing
  • A narcissist never changes
  • No wonder he wasn’t gung ho for baby #2!🙄 Once a cheat……always a cheat!
  • After all he said about Sandoval!!


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In case you missed it:

Speculation that the terminated Vanderpump Rules villain was cheating began when Jax took a photo with Lori. An overwhelming amount of social media comments remarked on how close and cozy the pair appeared together.

During an episode of the When Reality Hits podcast, Brittany tried to make light of the rumors. “It was cracking me up how everyone was going crazy about that picture you posted with our publicist Lori.” Jax added, “I don’t know if people know this or not but Lori’s been in our lives — she’s not only been in our lives, it’s been in Tom [Schwartz’s] life, it’s been in Kristen [Doute‘s] life, Brittany’s life.”

“She’s our publicist and [a] very, very good friend of mine so a photo like that, people I know were saying a lot of crap about it, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal,” Brittany elaborated. “So, I want to make that clear, because Lori’s an amazing publicist, a super hard worker, and she does so much amazing work for us. I just want to make sure we clear that up because that’s just ridiculous.”

Do you think there’s truth to the rumor that Jax is hooking up with Lori the publicist?