Every Real Housewives Of Potomac Tagline Ever

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Real Housewives of Potomac is back for its eighth season, and – according to the taglines – the ladies have come to EAT!

BravoTV.com promises “new dynamics and different vibes,” an accidental fire, and a demon.

Never a dull moment in Potomac!

Without further ado, The Grande Dame and company …

Karen Huger

Season 1- “In Potomac, it’s not about who you know, it’s who you are.”

Season 2- “Potomac put me on a pedestal, and the view is spectacular.”

Season 3- “Baby don’t believe what you hear, the grand dame still holds center court.”

Season 4- “You can try to tear me down, but the Grand Dame never crumbles.”

Season 5- “Honey, the grande dame doesn’t repeat history. She makes it.”

Season 6- “The grande dame can never be duplicated, imitated, or intimidated.”

Season 7- “Just like a three-wick, I burn slow and never waver.”

Season 8- “I don’t ride the fence honey, I am the fence, you ride me.”

Gizelle Bryant

Season 1- “The word on the street is, that I’m the word on the street.”

Season 2- “Word on the street is, I’m still the word on the street.”

Season 3- “If you can’t handle me being the word on the street, then stop listening.”

Season 4- “I’m the baddest thing walking and the smartest one talking.”

Season 5- “I’m still the baddest thing walking and the most anointed one talking!”

Season 6- “The secret to this pretty face is staying in the shade.”

Season 7- “I’m pretty, petty and always sitting on ready.”

Season 8- “I’m no angel, but give me some grace, and you’ll learn to adore me.”

Ashley Darby

Season 1- “Throw this spring chicken into the cougar’s den and let the games begin.”

Season 2- “I’ve played by Potomac rules, now it’s time to play by my own.”

Season 3- “You may say I cause trouble, but I say I keep things interesting.”

Season 4- “Karma is a bitch, but luckily, I’m on her good side.”

Season 5- “Now that I have my baby, that’s the only crap I take!”

Season 6- “The only thing messier than two boys is me.”

Season 7- “You may think you know my story… but there’s always a plot twist!”

Season 8- “You don’t have to dig for gold when you shine this bright.”

Robyn Dixon

Season 1- “I don’t have a cookie cutter life and I’m not apologizing for it.”

Season 2- “Don’t let the green eyes fool you, I’m as real as they come.”

Season 3- “Life has its ups and downs, but my game is on the rebound.”

Season 4- “The shorter my hair, the shorter my patience.”

Season 5- “I live in a house full of ballers, but I never get played.”

Season 6- “I may keep you waiting, but trust me, I’m worth it.”

Season 7- “When it comes to the truth, I always arrive on time.”

Season 8- “I just took a DNA test, and it turns out, I 100 percent don’t care.”

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

Season 1- “If I don’t know who you are, then you’re not worth knowing.”

Season 2- “Why cry over spilled milk, when you can laugh over champagne?”

Katie Rost 

Season 1- “I’m a ball and gala girl. It’s my legacy and my calling.”

Monique Samuels

Season 2- “I may be rough around the edges, but baby, so are diamonds.”

Season 3- “You’ll never put me in a box, because I’m the whole darn package.”

Season 4- “I’ve traded in my umbrella. It’s all gold at the end of this rainbow.”

Season 5- “Maybe if you tried a little harder, you wouldn’t have to try me.”

Candiace Dillard Bassett

Season 3- “Life is a pageant, and I’m in it to win it.”

Season 4- “Now that I’m marrying my prince, this sleeping beauty is woke.”

Season 5- “Reading is fundamental and honey, I own the library.”

Season 6- “My blessings are many, and my patience is none.”

Season 7- “My vocals are clean, but my reads are for filth.”

Season 8- “When they go low, I just hit a high note.”

Wendy Osefo

Season 5- “The professor has arrived and class is officially in session.”

Season 6- “This professor doesn’t just grade on the curve; she sets the curve.”

Season 7- “I’m a Nigerian queen with no time for mean.”

Season 8- “If you’re going to test this professor, be prepared to fail.”

Mia Thornton

Season 6- “If you want to pop off, I’ll be happy to get you adjusted.”

Season 7- “I may not remember everything, but you’ll never forget me.”

Season 8- “It doesn’t matter the size of our home, I’m always the queen of this castle.”

Nneka Ihim

Season 8- “Nigeria raised me, LA made me, and Potomac will remember me.”

Watch the season 8 opening sequences here!

Which of the RHOP ladies have your fav/least fav taglines from the show’s eight seasons? Drop names in the comments.