Monique Samuels Disses “Toxic” Real Housewives Of Potomac Cast Leaving Her With “Reality TV PTSD”

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Former Real Housewives of Potomac star, Monique Samuels, took an opportunity to throw shade at her former Bravo co-stars while promoting her new reality show on OWN, Love & Marriage: DC.

Reality tv past:

In an interview with Page Six, Mo described her experience on RHOP as traumatic.

“My experience with reality TV has been somewhat of a roller coaster to the point where at the end of it all, I had reality TV PTSD,” leaving her  “pretty much done.”

Monique described the four-season gig as a Real Housewife as “not really for me” because of the edit she received.

“When I was on RHOP, it was always, ‘Oh, let’s show her when she’s angry. Let’s show her when she’s zero to 100.’”

“I was interacting with a group of women who were, for the most part, toxic.”

Reality tv future:

After being promised Love & Marriage: DC would “be different,” as “other sides” of her life would get highlighted on-air, she decided to take the leap.

“We’re very open and very real,” the mother of three dished to Page Six. “It just won’t be edited out.”

“This time, you get to see me as the full person that I am,” she explained.

“I’m not being put into a box. I’m not being edited to look only one way. It’s showing me as a wife, a mom, a businesswoman, and a friend. I’m very passionate and felt like a lot of times that was cut away when I was on that other show.” (OMG, the shade!)

What to expect from L&M: DC…

Instead of focusing on friendship drama à la RHOP, Love & Marriage: DC focuses on the marital dynamic between Monique and her husband, Chris Samuels.

“There are times when you’re like, ‘Yo, maybe [divorce] is the right move.’ But then when you’re weighing out the good with the bad, it’s always more good than bad for us. There are other couples who maybe had issues that they couldn’t get past,” she says.

“But I truly believe in our marriage and I just feel like this is a growing moment for us. It doesn’t feel comfortable when you’re going through a growth spurt. So, this is our marriage growth spurt — and fortunately, yet unfortunately, it plays out on this show.”

Love & Marriage: DC premieres Saturday, May 14 on the OWN channel.

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