Find Out Why Stassi Schroeder Forgave Jax Taylor And Kristen Doute For Sleeping Together

stassi forgave jax kristen keep job

Stassi Schroeder admits to forgiving Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor to keep her job on Vanderpump Rules. During an episode of Stassi’s podcast, the New York Times best selling author disclosed the reality of why she returned to Pump Rules after quitting.

Job security:

Stassi detailed why she forgave the stars of The Valley for having sex two times, the first time while watching the movie, Drive, with Kristen’s then-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, in the next room. “With Vanderpump Rules, that was just because we had to keep our jobs. The only way forward is to forgive and move on. Otherwise, you’re going to torture yourself holding all of this in and being and mad. Then, saying, ‘I’m not going to film with this person or whatever.’ Like, you’re torturing yourself. That’s hard. In real life, I would never have forgiven and forgotten about Jax and Kristen.”

In case you missed it, Stassi left the show after she found out her ex-boyfriend, Jax, boned her best friend, Kristen. Stassi returned after deciding she wasn’t going to lose VPR because of Kristen and Jax. “This isn’t fair that I’m the one that has to leave the show. I feel for Ariana [Madix]. She shouldn’t have to leave the fucking show.”

“I remember coming back from New York season 3. I’m like, ‘Wait. So, everyone’s just BFFs with Jax and Kristen again and I’m on the outs? That feels unfair.’ Then, I quit halfway through and I realized … What the fuck?! I’m the one that’s being punished. I quit my job and they get to prosper? Hell no. Now, I’m going to forgive and forget. Then, I went back and forgave and forgot so that I could also have my career.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Stassi and Jax weren’t together when this happened. What happened to Ariana isn’t comparable to many other instances of cheating on the show.
  • But then why did you invite him to your wedding?
  • Isn’t this what Lala was trying to say? That if they don’t move on it’s the job at stake? Right?
  • The producers need to check in. The social climate has changed. Women are done with subpar behavior and giving a shit if our anger and frustrations make you uncomfortable, we are uncomfortable most of the time and typically because of ignorant insecure boys.
  • Justice for Ariana and stassi!

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