The History of Scheana Shay And John Mayer’s Relationship

scheana john mayer relationship

On the heels of John Mayer denying ever having a relationship with Scheana Shay, evidence of their tryst [with Stacie Adams] resurfaced on the internet.

In case you missed it, on the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana confessed that she was in a sexual relationship with an A-List celebrity. Although the Good As Gold crooner didn’t drop John’s name, she said her “body was once a wonderland,” teasing she hooked up with the singer/songwriter.

The origin of Scheana and John’s relationship:

The Bravo TV personality detailed the night she met the Waiting On the World To Change singer/songwriter. During an appearance on the Flashbacks podcast from 2007, Scheana explained how she found herself in a sexual relationship with John Mayer … and her then-roommate, Stacie Adams.

“I got called in to work a private birthday party for a celebrity in the Grand Havana Hills room. They wouldn’t tell me who it was. I was off that night, but they called and were like, ‘we need back up this person coming in is bringing like 30+ people. We need you to work a private party.”

“I get there and John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston walk in and I was like, ‘What??’ I end up getting wasted with them. Every time they did a shot, they would give me a shot,” continued the VPR star.

“A week or two later, they end up breaking up. He comes in with all the boys just like, ‘fuck this whatever.’ and one of his friends comes up and is like, ‘it’s not really public news yet, but John and Jen broke up. He wants your number give it to me and I’ll pass it to him. I write down my number for him.”


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One, two, three:

“He end up coming to my apartment. We had to walk him in the back way.” Eventually, “this becomes our thing at the apartment. I was living with Stacie [the bartender from The Hills] at the time” and she becomes part the John and Scheana’s sexual relationship. “This goes on for about six months. We would go to his house in Calabasas or Hidden Hills, whatever it’s called. It just kind of became the three of us. A little throuple.”

“So, Stacie and I were talking about it at work one day. I guess one of the other girls heard and she was banging a member who was married with four kids she got fired and then she heard I was dating/ hanging out/seeing John Mayer. She went and looked at the New York member list and saw he wasn’t a member of Beverly Hills. But, he was a member of New York. We were not allowed to fraternize with members, so she calls the owner” and threatened “to sue for discrimination. ‘Did you fire me because I’m black? You’re not going to fire Scheana when she’s doing the same thing?!?!'”

Tabloid official:

Eventually, the media discovered that John Mayer was in some sort of relationship with Scheana. “I’m calling him. I’m like, ‘ I did not do this. He believed me. He was like, ‘No, it’s cool. I don’t think you would do that. We’ve been hanging out for six months.'”

“So, I was like, ‘I’m losing my job over this and I don’t think as a cocktail waitress you really get a severance package.” So, “I call up another one of our friends from college and I’m like, ‘didn’t you just start bartending somewhere in Beverly Hills? I just got fired. I need a new job.’ He goes, ‘Ken [Todd] and Lisa Vanderpump are the owners of Villa Blanca. Come by and I’ll introduce you to them.'”

“So, if it wasn’t for John Mayer, I wouldn’t be on Vanderpump Rules. I never would have left that job [at the Grand Havana Room]. It’s still one of the best jobs I ever had at a restaurant. I wouldn’t have quit.”

Inevitably, John and Scheana’s relationship “becomes a new story, and I never ever ever sold a single story. Never told a soul. It was just a conversation. Stacey and I were having that a girl overheard, calls the magazines, they called the owner. It was all over.”

Additionally, “This makes it to Ryan Seacrest, the sleaze. My mom is driving my little sister to school. She’s in fourth grade and my mom hears ‘Cocktail waitress, Scheana Marie and John Mayer'” and almost drove off the road.

Do you think Scheana is lying about her relationship with John Mayer?

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