John Mayer Denies Hooking Up With Scheana Shay

john mayer deny scheana hook up

John Mayer is “annoyed” with Scheana Shay‘s claim they were hooked up … which he denies!

The Vanderpump Rules star, yet again, alluded to having an intimate relationship with the Your Body is a Wonderland singer and John is not having it.

‘It’s all happening’ or ‘It never happened’?

John Mayer claimed did not hookup with Scheana and he will continue to deny it ever happened. reported, John Mayer is “lashing out about the accusations now that they’re public.”

Back in August of 2020, Scheana claimed she was in a throuple with John Mayer and Stacie (the bartender) Adams from The Hills.

John is “very annoyed by the entire thing and wants nothing to do with” Scheana. The Grateful Dead guitarist allegedly told “several people close to him that he never hooked up with Scheana,” according to an insider.

While John Mayer has continued to deny the hookup rumor, “He knows that she has been telling people they hooked up well before the Vanderpump Rules episode aired and it’s gotten back to him.”

John denied the hookup and hid from Scheana:

According to The U.S. Sun, “Scheana and John were even at a party not long ago where Andy Cohen (Scheana’s boss/John’s close friend) also turned up and he tried his best to avoid Scheana.

“She was trying her best to talk to John and even go as far as take a picture with him, but he shot her down.” The source spilled, John “was doing his best to avoid her all night.”

The VPR OG has maintained that she did hookup with John Mayer, but he continues to deny it.

In case you missed it:

Before John ever knew he’d been in a place to have to deny a hookup, he met Scheana while she working as a waitress.

According to Summer Moon’s mom, John pursued Scheana just after his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. “John and some friends went back to the Grand Havana Room.” The Bravo TV personality detailed, “One of his friends comes up. He was like, ‘So, it’s not really like public news yet but John and Jen broke up. He wants your number. Give it to me and I’ll pass it to him.’”

“I was living with Stacie at the time,” she began. “This went on for about six months. We hung out and we would go to his house in Calabasas, or Hidden Hills, whatever it’s called. It just became, you know, kind of the three of us.”

In conclusion, Scheana noted, “We had a little throuple going on.”

What’s your opinion of John Mayer denying hooked up with Scheana?

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